Strategy & business development

We want MBA graduates who have aspirations to be global leaders

The strategy and business development (SBD) program within Cargill is one of the most exciting post-graduate leadership development experiences available. If you are selected amongst the best and the brightest, you will work on the most complex and compelling global issues that we face as a company.

Strategy & Business Development Associate: Margo
Margo De Naray.

Work Experience: 5 years
With Cargill since: 2010
Location: Wayzata, Minnesota
Education: MBA; MS Systems Engineering; BS, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“The work each of us does everyday supports the nourishment of people worldwide…knowing that I have a part in that is both humbling and invigorating.” Read more

General Manager: Willard

Willard McCloud


Work Experience: 13 years
With Cargill since: 2004
Location: California, Missouri
Education: MBA; BA, Economics

“No career path at Cargill is the same. Everybody’s journey is unique and largely shaped by their own interests, passions, and capabilities.” Read more

More about the SBD program

Strategy and business development professionals work throughout Cargill's international businesses – in 67 countries and nearly 80 businesses. As a part of the program you will work in offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., Belgium and Singapore.

Do you want to be rewarded with a mindset that prepares you to be among the best commercial business leaders in the world? If yes, we invite you to apply.

  • What we look for
    We're looking for leaders. People with integrity, conviction and courage. Here are other qualities we look for:
    • Learning capacity. Curious—passion to learn more than taught. Adaptable, nimble. Broad perspective. Conceptual strength.
    • Execution capacity. Keen sense of priorities. Relentless determination. Motivate for high performance and excellence. Develop others. Optimistic. Compelling/authentic communicator.
    • Knowledge. Deep and practical business acumen. Macro economics and political trends. Change leadership.
    • Behaviors. Discuss, decide and champion. Demonstrate respect, candor and commitment. Develop and leverage customer knowledge and insights, value differences.
  • Program Steps
    The focus of the strategy and business development program is three-fold:
    • Strategy development: Corporate strategy, business unit strategy, corporate center process management, customer solutions and marketing, and supply chain
    • Business development: mergers and acquisitions, integration program management, joint ventures and alliances, new business development
    • Capability building: Talent development, disseminating strategic thinking and business development skills, and innovation

The program consists of four steps:

  1. Field assignment – 12 months: Gain immediate, hands-on responsibility in one of Cargill's operating businesses — the first step for most MBAs.
  2. Associate – 15-24 months: Consult, advise, evaluate, negotiate and explore while teaming with senior Cargill executives on a variety of strategy, mergers and acquisitions (M&A)  and new business projects — another possible starting point, depending on your experience and interests.
  3. Project team leadership – 12-18 months: (May move directly to step 4) Lead and coach high-performance project teams, hone advanced strategy and general management skills, while developing a worldwide network of personal and professional contacts — a unique opportunity for analysts with the track record and interest.
  4. Frontline leadership: Your chance to join the leadership team and build one of Cargill's many businesses — or start a new one — anywhere in the world. Where you go depends on your interest and the kind of leader you want to be.