Commodity trading

Cargill careers. Meredith Woodhouse.There is a world of opportunity at Cargill. That is exactly what Minnesota-native Meredith Woodhouse discovered when she accepted an offer for an internship halfway around the world. She interned in Cargill’s Shanghai location where she gained hands-on experience trading soybeans and learned from our talented professionals.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Brown University, Meredith began her first full-time position in Raleigh, North Carolina, trading soybeans and soybean meal for Cargill. Two-and-half years later she returned to Minnesota to work in our corporate headquarters and is now responsible for trading cash soybean meal in rail cars from Western regions of the U.S.

“Every role in Cargill is part of a global chain, and mine is no exception. My role requires effective communication with customers and brokers about the markets, with our plants to align processes and ensure delivery of quality products on time, with merchants and senior traders to develop a bias, and even with merchants in our world trading unit in Geneva. Trading is a fast-paced business, so it’s important to be adaptable, nimble, resilient, and be a good problem solver.”

When asked what Cargill’s strength is as a business, Meredith speaks of our high caliber people:

“I’ve been amazed by the diversity of experience and leadership. Cargill provides opportunities for employees to grow, become the best at what they do and pass on their knowledge to newer employees. We have an atmosphere of open communication and mutual respect for new thought which drives Cargill to achieve much more than we could otherwise.”

Join us and discover how our global presence can broaden your experience and strengthen your talents.


Cargill careers. Dan Platta.There is a world of opportunity at Cargill. Dan Platta knows those opportunities are awarded to individuals who take responsibility for their development. He is one such individual. He leveraged his education in accounting, finance and economics at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, to position him for an accounting internship with a Cargill financial services business and later a career in commodities trading. Platta has taken ownership of his learning and growth.

“I knew that if I could just get my foot in the door [at Cargill] I’d have all the opportunities in the world.  My viewpoint on Cargill hasn’t changed since.”

Platta currently hedges egg costs for customers as a Cargill Kitchen Solutions risk manager in Monticello, Minnesota. He enjoys the challenge of developing risk management programs for customers, educating them about pricing formulas and ultimately leading their businesses to success.

What’s next for Platta? His goals are to gain strategy and personnel experience by serving on a management committee, work for a diverse group of Cargill businesses in global locations — and one day lead a Cargill business. 

Cargill provides the trust, responsibility and freedom to achieve your ambitions. All you need to provide is the initiative.