Ability to contribute

With ideas, energy and the ability to build effective global relationships, you can make a lasting contribution

Examples abound of the difference Cargill people have made to customers and communities around the world.

Cargill volunteers

Cargill volunteers.Every year, our employees and retirees around the world lend more than 100,000 hours of their time and talent to volunteer activities. Our people support our charitable giving efforts in alignment with our objective of helping to build sustainable communities where we live and work.

We seek to advance access to nutrition and health programming, support innovation in education, and protect our global natural resources.

Collectively and individually, we build schools and homes, mentor and tutor youth, educate farmers, clean up shorelines, feed hungry people and support economic development. Employees and retirees volunteer on an individual basis, with their co-workers in team activities, and through the Cargill Cares Councils.

Cargill Cares Councils 

Through 300 Cargill Cares Councils around the world, our employees contribute thousands of volunteer hours and millions of charitable contributions that have a local impact.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability.As a food and agricultural company, Cargill’s goal is to nourish people. Human food and animal feeds depend on clean water, soil, air and light. As the world’s population continues to grow, so too do the demands on the environment. A sustainable future requires investing in environmental innovation today.

At Cargill, we are aware that our global reach creates high expectations for leadership in resource stewardship. We look to innovation as a way to preserve and protect the environment, whether by using energy and resources more wisely (which also helps reduce energy costs), pioneering profitable business and product lines that make use of renewable raw materials or helping customers shrink their environmental footprints. Learn more about our environmental sustainability efforts.