Ethics and values

The way we succeed is as important to us as success itself

We all share a caring approach and a sense of respect and responsibility. Our values are a differentiator, are part of our history and are ingrained in our corporate philosophy.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility.What is our impact on society and the environment?

Corporate responsibility is part of everything we do. It is a company-wide commitment to apply our global knowledge and experience to help meet complex economic, environmental and social challenges wherever we do business. Four commitments anchor the hundreds of programs and initiatives we have underway at any given time:

Food security. Cargill is committed to nourishing the world’s growing population while at the same time protecting the planet.  We are leveraging our leadership in food and agriculture to tackle the complex challenge of feeding the world.    
Environmental sustainability. We minimize our environmental impact, pioneer new businesses using renewable raw materials and help customers reduce their impact on the environment.

Food safety leadership. We work with customers and partners to develop science-based solutions to promote food, feed and product safety to the same high standards globally.

Responsible supply chains. We partner with industry, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local communities to help identify and encourage responsible and sustainable practices.

Guiding Principles

The Cargill Guiding Principles are the foundation of our vision, and articulate our shared ethical values and expectations. In short, below are the principles that make up our code of conduct. 

  • We obey the law. 
  • We conduct our business with integrity.
  • We keep accurate and honest records.
  • We honor our business obligations.
  • We treat people with dignity and respect.
  • We protect Cargill’s information, assets and interests.
  • We are committed to being a responsible global citizen.

Read our guiding principles in full at Ethics & Compliance.

Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion.At Cargill, we value Inclusion & Diversity. Through our Guiding Principles, Cargill has made a corporate commitment to value the full range of life experiences, skills and qualities of our employees, customers, partners and vendors.

Cargill embraces the variety of backgrounds and life experiences our employees bring to work. We offer the perspectives of different ethnicities, gender, languages, local customs, physical abilities, races, religions, sexual orientation, gender identities and expressions, life experiences and socioeconomic statuses

By valuing diversity, Cargill continually Fosters the breadth of viewpoints, experiences and intellectual skills necessary for the best ideas and best results.

Employee Resource Groups help build awareness, understanding and mutual respect among coworkers and offer you an opportunity to continue developing. If you participate in an employee resource group, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Take on a leadership role and learn career-building skills
  • Network with senior management
  • Develop relationships and network with other members
  • Create change and share your expertise
  • Find a mentor
  • Give back to the community

The following Employee Resource Groups are active in the U.S.: 

  • Asia America Alliance
  • Disability Awareness Council
  • Ebony Council
  • GROW - Group responsible for orienting and welcoming new employees to Cargill
  • Hispanic-Latino Council
  • Pride Network - Welcomes all employees who honor diversity and respects individual differences
  • Women’s Council