High caliber people

By working with some of the best people in their field, you'll become one of them

We develop and promote a culture of respect so we can learn from each other, achieving more together than we ever could alone.

Cargill is full of exceptional people. Some work in labs, fields or kitchens. Others wear hard hats, crunch numbers, seal deals, research patents and invent new products. Some look for new ways to improve the foods you eat. Others are creating risk management, energy and industrial solutions. No matter where you find yourself within the Cargill family, you will encounter passionate people ready to share their knowledge and experience.

The heart of leadership

We’ve identified key capabilities and qualities, called the heart of leadership, that we seek, develop and expect from our people. These qualities are essential to build trust, enhance employee engagement and contribute to sustainable results:

  • Integrity: It’s important for leaders to be honest, trustworthy and admit mistakes.
  • Conviction: With leadership also comes a strong vision that inspires other to rally around them and take action.
  • Courage: Our leaders are risk-takers. They face adversity with courage, challenge the status quo and champion new viewpoints.