Personal development

Personal growth through the development of new skills, knowledge and abilities is imperative to Cargill's success

We will provide you with the tools, opportunities, and a culture that values and supports employee growth. Making the most of opportunities, however, begins with owning your responsibility for the strength of your network and development plan.

Our approach

  • Our employees are responsible for their own learning, career, and demonstrating the behaviors that deliver high-performance results. 
  • Our managers are responsible for providing candid feedback to employees regarding performance and business and development opportunities, contributing a broader perspective, and playing a supporting role. 
  • Our organization – in partnership with employees – provides the trust, freedom and responsibility for individuals to thrive and flourish.

Development opportunities

Development opportunities range from formal classroom training and e-learning to coaching, on-the-job training and participation in employee resource groups. Below is an overview:

  • E-Learning: Our employees have access to an internal online repository of training opportunities. Courses include communication, conflict management, emotional intelligence, time management and many more.
  • Employee resource groups: Employee resource groups help build awareness, understanding, and mutual respect among coworkers and offer you an opportunity to continue developing by proving an opportunity for you to:
    • Take on a leadership role and learn career-building skills
    • Network with senior management
    • Create change and share your expertise
  • Training academies: Training academies have a defined curriculum for both classroom and online coursework to target specific career areas such as trading and marketing.
  • Leadership training: Cargill offers many development opportunities for you to develop leadership skills including coaching, public speaking, building effective relationships, people skills and more.

Tuition reimbursement

We also offer a tuition reimbursement program for employees who complete coursework in an eligible degree program.