A world of opportunity

Through Cargill’s animal nutrition and feed, 400 million people are fed every year.  Cargill Feed and Nutrition is a leading nutrition supplier for animals across 24 countries, with an innovative portfolio to nourish animals around the world.  Our successful history of over 100 years reflects our commitment, customer focus and local community investment.  Our offering is developed for our customers’ needs, should they be profitable distribution, efficient animal production or low-cost feed manufacturing. From accounting to agri-business management, marketing to risk management, sales consulting to plant operations, you are sure to find a job that suits your interests and goals. Our global career opportunities are as far reaching as our business. 

To find an animal nutrition career path that allows you to learn and grow, visit Cargill's career finder site. Use “Animal Nutrition” in the keywords search field.

In Cargill’s animal nutrition business, there are a number of ways in which success is measured including serving customers, achieving growth goals, and contributing to communities. But, no matter what the measure, there is one consistent reason why our business succeeds. And that is our people. Our 17,000 employees are the single most important factor in our success. Some of our colleagues volunteered to talk about subjects that probably don’t come up in day-to-day work discussions. Things like their histories, passions outside of work and what about Cargill motivates them to bring their best ideas, energy and capabilities to the company each day. These stories were compiled into a video series called “Our Lives.”