Species: Pacific white shrimp, blue shrimp, tiger shrimp

Availability: Asia, Central America, South America

Shrimp is a popular and delicious ingredient in many dishes around the world. For fresh, wholesome shrimp production, customers count on Cargill for innovative solutions that help maintain animal health and create an end product with the right taste, texture and smell that consumers expect.

Cargill scientists and consultants have developed excellent feeds and management programs for shrimp hatcheries, shrimp nurseries and shrimp grow out ponds. For larval and post-larval shrimp, Cargill LiquaLife® feeds provide consistent nutrition, promote healthy growth and development, are formulated to meet the needs of specific growth stages, are simple to feed, and help alleviate water quality issues.

AQUAXCEL® feeds combine superior nutrition research and manufacturing technology to help producers increase profitability. With a high concentration of nutrients in very small, uniformly sized, extruded particles that match the dimensions of the shrimp, AQUAXCEL® products offer improved cost-benefit ratios for producers.

A feeding program that includes Cargill LiquaLife® and AQUAXCEL® feeds can help producers realize exceptional results in higher survival rates, larger animals, and more robust shrimp prior to stocking in grow-out ponds.  We can tailor our complete feeding program to your culture conditions, helping to give you healthy shrimp and better profitability.

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