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Cargill Eddyville earns "Star" safety status from OSHA

Date: Aug. 21, 2009

Contact: Bill Brady, Cargill, 952-742-6608,

EDDYVILLE, Iowa - Cargill's Eddyville Corn Milling complex, known for the 50-plus flags that grace its entry gates to symbolize the countries to which it exports, has added an additional flag, slightly taller than the rest: the "Star" banner of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)'s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

The VPP recognizes and promotes effective workplace safety and health management. Cargill Eddyville earned "Star" status from Iowa OSHA for, among other things, achieving and maintaining an injury and illness rate approximately 60 percent below the industry average.

A recognition ceremony was held at the facility today to honor the plant's 500 employees and 375 contract workers whose efforts helped earn this award. The ceremony was attended by state and local officials, industrial and community representatives, employees and contractors.

"We are proud of this recognition for safety excellence because of what it says about our commitment to each other and to our community," said Cargill Eddyville Facility Manager Gavin Atkinson, "We place great emphasis on ensuring that everyone goes home to friends and family in the same or better condition as when they started the day. We look forward to working with Iowa OSHA as a partner as we continue our journey toward an injury free workplace."

Eddyville processes about 260,000 bushels of corn per day and produces corn-based sweeteners, gluten, corn oil, ethanol, feed, dextrose, glucosamine, citric acid and itaconic acid, along with natural vitamin E, sterols and tocopherols from soy bean distillate.

Cargill Eddyville joins with 39 workplaces in Iowa and 1,400 nationally which have earned OSHA's highest recognition as participants in the VPP. It becomes the third Cargill Corn Milling facility and 11th Cargill facility overall to have earned "Star" status.


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