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Cargill's ACCO Feeds® launches Superior® line

Premium horse feeds feature improved formulation and the latest nutritional science

Date: 23 March 2010

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MINNEAPOLIS — Cargill today announced its ACCO Feeds® brand is launching a new line of Superior® horse feed available April, 2010. Combining the previously existing Gold Series and this new Superior® line, ACCO Feeds® brand customers will have greater selection and improved formulation for superior performance and quality.

  • Superior® Mare & Foal is a nutrient-rich formula for young, growing horses, brood mares and other horses that require high quality protein with balanced amino acid levels, added fat and highly digestible fiber to develop their full potential.
  • Superior® Performer 12 Pellets, Superior® Performer 14 Pellets, Superior® Performer Textured 12 and Superior® Performer Textured 14 are each formulated to meet the needs of high-performance horses with increased physical demands. Superior® Performer feeds add focused energy sources and controlled starch to meet the increased physical demands, along with direct-fed microbials and organic trace minerals to maximize nutrient absorption.
  • Superior® Senior is the ideal choice for older horses, uniquely balanced and designed scientifically for greater digestibility and the right nutritional values to help a senior horse live a long and productive life.

"ACCO Superior® Performance Products incorporate industry-leading technology with the use of focused energy sourcing, balanced amino acids and functional ingredients to deliver the superior performance required by today's winning horses," said Roy Johnson, Cargill technology deployment manager for Horse and Specialty Products.

ACCO Feeds® formulas use the latest in nutrition technology from the Cargill Innovation Campus, the main technology center for Cargill's global animal nutrition business. The Innovation Campus research team, which includes 27 Ph.D nutritionists, identifies animal responses to nutrients and determines how they are used in the body.

"For more than six decades, ACCO Feeds® has used quality ingredients and balanced nutrition to create feeds that help horses thrive," said Heidi Brenner, marketing manager for Cargill's ACCO Feeds® brand. "Our new Superior® Horse Feed line is the culmination of continued dedication to horse owners. After all, we're horse people, too."


About Cargill's ACCO Feeds® brand:

Cargill Animal Nutrition ( manufactures and markets a complete line of ACCO Feeds® formulas and supplements that help all classes of livestock and companion animals maintain optimal health throughout all stages of life. Using the highest-quality ingredients and the most up-to-date nutritional technology, Cargill is committed to the health, well-being and safety of its customers' horses, livestock and pets. For more information on its ACCO Feeds® brand products, visit

About Cargill:

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