As a global buyer and consumer of energy, we are in the unique position to understand your needs and offer solutions that help increase profitability, grow market share and ensure flawless operations of your business.

Power and natural gas

Market: U.S. & Canada.
Focus: Electrical power trading, wholesaling, and transmission, natural gas pricing, transport and management services

We provide customers with tailored solutions that solve the complexities of supply and off-take challenges. We can truly focus on helping you grow your business because of our in-depth market understanding, top trading, logistics expertise and flexible credit solutions. Learn more >

Energy risk management

Whether the goal is to protect margins, secure budgets, minimize volatility, or adhere to lending requirements, Cargill works closely with customers to create solutions in today’s complex and dynamic energy markets. Our team leverages industry insight, trading expertise and price risk management to serve a wide range of customers, including petroleum and petrochemical producers, mid-to-large size corporations, commercial lenders, asset managers and investors. Our options, swaps and structured products are tailored to meet pricing needs, volumes and market bias, whether our customer is producing crude oil or natural gas, powering a facility, fueling trucks, manufacturing food or bottling beverages.

Through multiple financial instruments, our team works with customers to identify the appropriate hedging strategies and price risk solutions in today’s market. In addition, we offer:

  • In-depth knowledge of markets and risk mitigation
  • Financial guarantees and agreements with multiple counterparties
  • Prospective analysis capabilities
  • Stress testing and other analytical capabilities
  • In-house administration and reporting functions

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Petroleum and chemicals

Our customers benefit from us being an active player in the trading of petroleum. The range of our products covers the entire barrel.

  • Crude oil

  • Bunker Fuel

  • Fuel oil

  • Distillates

  • Naphtha

  • Gasoline

  • LPG

We are providing solutions in product supply chain, finance, shipping and risk management. By leveraging on the unique combination of Cargill’s physical, financial, commercial know-how, we can connect our customers to the company’s wider commodities logistics network, including tanker freight shipping services. Contact us today at