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Partnering sustainably

2022 Annual Report highlights

Each day, our teams around the world bring their passion and expertise to deliver on our sustainability commitments. That is how we build food and agriculture supply chains that have a positive impact on people, our customers, and the planet we share.

forest river background and climate, land&water, people icons on foreground CLIMATE. LAND & WATER. PEOPLE.

Our sustainability strategy at Cargill is focused on climate, land & water, and people – with science-based targets and ambitious programs, many of which provide multiple environmental and social benefits. We will report on our progress in detail in late 2022 through our inaugural Cargill ESG Report. In the meantime, key highlights include: 

Beefing up sustainable cattle ranching

To support cattle ranchers across the U.S. Southern Great Plains who are committed to addressing climate change and protecting our water resources, Cargill has partnered with Burger King and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to provide up to $5 million in funding to improve grassland management and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Improving access to safe drinking water

In partnership with Global Water Challenge (GWC), we created Cargill Currents, a community initiative addressing water challenges faced by local communities in priority watersheds. Our three-year commitment is improving access to safe drinking water in communities where Cargill employees live and work. The program is designed to build community resilience, promote economic development, and deliver multiple socio-economic and sustainability co-benefits beyond water access. These include improved farmer livelihoods, improved community health, women’s empowerment, and climate change resilience. Initial investments are supporting nearly 30 communities in Brazil, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, India, and Indonesia, and will benefit up to 150,000 people with improved water access. 


Investing in more sustainable shipping

Cargill Ocean Transportation (OT), our freight-trading business, is determined to make-zero carbon shipping a reality across our global operations and within the wider maritime industry. We’re making investments and working with partners to create a variety of solutions that combine digital technologies and other innovations to make shipping more sustainable than ever. For example, we invested in ZeroNorth to accelerate the use of digital solutions that decarbonize shipping. Through ZeroNorth, vessel owners and operators are able to improve vessel performance, reduce carbon emissions, and increase earnings.

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