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Thinking ahead

2022 Annual Report highlights

We collaborate with customers and partners to overcome their biggest challenges and seize their greatest opportunities through break-through innovation, sustainable solutions, global capabilities, and local expertise.

hand touching crop image FUELING NEW SOLUTIONS

Our bioindustrial business produces a wide range of nature-based chemistries that offer planet-friendly alternatives to fossil-based products. Key highlights from this year include: 

An industry first

Cargill and HELM, a German-based chemical marketing company, are investing $300 million to build the first commercial-scale, renewable bio-based 1,4-butanediol (BDO) facility in the U.S. Upon operationalizing, our joint venture called Qore will produce QIRA, which will enable apparel, automotive, electronics, and packaging customers to replace fossil-based chemistries with a more sustainable solution.

Croda coming aboard

To bolster our automotive, polymer, and food-packaging portfolio, Cargill reached an agreement to acquire the majority of the performance-technologies and industrial-chemicals business of Croda. The deal closed on June 30, 2022.

Arkema acquisition

Cargill acquired the epoxides business of Arkema, a move intended to address growing demand for bio-based industrial solutions. Cargill expects to produce bio-based plasticizers and polyols for use in such everyday products as shower-curtain liners, tiles, carpets, and furniture. 



specialty ingredients world map image ELEVATING SPECIALTY INGREDIENTS ACROSS THE GLOBE

Cargill has global expertise in creating high-quality ingredients for a variety of food and beverage product lines. We are making investments to expand our capabilities and partnering with our customers to continually improve ingredient quality and health benefits, while also expanding our resources to help meet demand. 




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Edible oils across the globe

Cargill is ensuring that 100% of our global edible oils portfolio will comply with the World Health Organization’s recommended best practices, including in countries where there is no legislative mandate. We are reformulating our global portfolio and making significant investments in upgrades and processing changes at several facilities to achieve this important commitment.  

peas icon

Pea protein in North America

Cargill partner PURIS can now supply approximately half of North America’s pea-protein market, thanks to its new state-of-the-art production facility. The plant, built with a $100 million investment from Cargill, supports the strong demand for PURIS Proteins, a joint venture between PURIS and Cargill.

jar image

Pectin in Brazil

Cargill opened a $150 million, cutting-edge pectin production facility in Bebedouro, Brazil, to meet growing global demand for pectin, the label-friendly texturizing ingredient.

cocoa icon

Cocoa in Cote d’Ivoire

Dark brown cocoa powders are in high demand and Cargill is helping fill it through a $100 million expansion of our cocoa processing facilities in Yopougon, Côte d’Ivoire. It is now the single largest cocoa-grinding plant in Africa.

formula icon

Specialty fats in Malaysia

An expansion of our specialty fats production facility in Port Klang, Malaysia, was the first step to significantly increasing our global portfolio of this fast-growing product. ​

chocolate icon

Chocolate products in Asia

Responding to an Asian marketplace sweet on chocolate products, Cargill acquired Aalst Chocolate Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based, world-class chocolate manufacturer.

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Bringing perspective

Cargill’s 157-year history gives us deep expertise, making us a trusted partner supporting farmers, customers and communities today, and for generations to come.


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