Let Ranger® do the heavy lifting

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Ranger®  Limiter Technology gets you the results of hand feeding without the hassle.

inpage ranger techThe proprietary technology works with your existing forage and encourages cattle to eat smaller, more frequent meals without overdoing it.

Designed to be self-fed, rations with Ranger®  Limiter Technology are ideal for cattlemen who want their cattle to look good and hit target gains, but lack the labor or time to hand feed. Helping you get more pounds per animal per acre and the right kind of gain is what we call a “Body by Ranger®.”

No matter the goal, Ranger®  Limiter gets them ready

Ranger® Limiter Technology comes in multiple product forms and works in many scenarios, so long as cattle have continuous access to a quality forage (grass or hay). Whether developing bulls or heifers, creep feeding calves, preconditioning stockers, or winter feeding your herd, Ranger® Limiter helps get your cattle ready to meet your development goals.   

Ranger® Limiter Technology is the convenient way to feed cattle the way you want them to look, while delivering predictable, efficient performance.

The pellet-meal crumble is available in three primary offerings – Ranger® Limiter Concentrate, Ranger® Limiter Complete, Ranger® Limiter Complete Creep:

  Designed for Works with Highlights
Ranger® Limiter Concentrate, Ranger® Limiter Blender & Ranger® Limiter BP Operations with mixing capabilities and grain or commodities available
  • Weaned calves
  • Bulls
  • Heifers
  • Steers
  • Mature Cows
  • 26% (Blender – higher inclusion rate) & 32% (Concentrate – lower inclusion rate) crude protein pellet designed to be mixed with grain and most grain by-products/commodities
  • Complete vitamin and mineral pack
  • Ranger BP works with high rates of DDGs
Ranger® Limiter Complete Operations without mixing capabilities and/or looking for a complete feed
  • Weaned calves
  • Bulls
  • Heifers
  • Steers
  • Mature cows
  • Complete nutrient package
  • Five product options
Ranger® Limiter Complete Creep Operations without mixing capabilities and/or looking for a creep feed
  • Nursing calves
  • Complete vitamin and mineral pack
  • Two product options

Is Ranger® Limiter right for you? Ask yourself:

• Am I spending too much time hand feeding cattle?
• Do I want my cattle to meet target gains when they need to?
• Am I interested in a safer way to feed cattle that doesn’t involve being in their pen daily?
• Is there plenty of forage available?
• Am I ready to see what a Body by Ranger would look like in my herd?

If you answered yes to all of the above, Ranger® Limiter could be the right fit!

Contact your local Cargill representative or Nutrena® dealer today and ask for Ranger® Limiter Technology.