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Micronutrition and Health Solutions

Moving Beyond Animal Feed Additives

World Class, Science-based Micronutrition and Health Solutions

Our mission is to improve animal lives and customer livelihoods by creating the best science-based animal feed solutions and nutrition business in the world. Micronutrition and Health Solutions (MHS), a Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health business, is deeply rooted in nutritional science, research, innovation, and sustainability.

We deliver a world-class portfolio of science-based products, services and digital solutions applying a holistic approach to animal nutrition, globally proven and locally applied by our trusted experts. When you choose MHS, you choose a family of trusted brands, like Delacon, Diamond V, and Provimi, going beyond feed additives to make nutrition holistically work in solutions leading to proven animal performance, with purpose.


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Our portfolio provides solutions for all animal needs

We believe in precision nutrition: delivering the right feed for the right animal at the right time.

By leveraging our in-depth understanding of the animal microbiome and how micronutrients and organic matter are hidden within all living organisms - or what we call the "Microverse" - we can accelerate the future of animal nutrition and health science.

We go beyond feed additives to make nutrition holistically work in solutions leading to proven animal performance.

 Why partner with MHS?

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World-class, science-based portfolio helps support production goals and solve business challenges

Feed Additive - Icon - Nutritional and Microbiome Expertise

Nutritional and microbiome expertise fuels new product development through real-world research, like Galleon™

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Trusted digital tools like Panorama™ and MAX help navigate animal health challenges to gain predictability

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State-of-the-art manufacturing sites for postbiotics and phytogenics ensure the production of high-quality solutions

Products by species

Solutions for aquaculture

  • DVAQUA™ - A natural* immune health feed additives used in the diets of aquaculture fish and shrimp. These products support immune function and digestive health, leading to optimal health and performance across all life stages.
  • Syrena™ Boost - A blend of phytogenics and plant-based additives support feed intake and health for well- functioning digestive tracts in aquaculture.
  • Proviox  - A specific blend of natural antioxidants that supports optimal performance throughout the animal's lifecycle, particularly under stressful conditions (weaning, reproduction, etc).
  • Notox™ - A range of solutions (both feeding programs and a unique online risk management tool,, that leverages the world’s largest mycotoxin contamination pattern database) to support animal performance under mycotoxins challenge conditions.

*Some products are only approved for use in certain geographies, end uses, and/or at certain usage levels. It is the customer's responsibility to determine, for a particular geography, that (i) the product, its use and usage levels; (ii) the customer's product and its use; and (iii) any claims made about the customer's product, all comply with applicable laws and regulations. *Any references to “natural/naturally” are as defined by AAFCO. Any references to “feed additive(s)” are as per the laws and regulations in the United States. For product registration information, please refer to the product data sheets. For more information on specific products in your location, please reach out to our local Cargill animal nutrition representatives. Contact Us

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Delivering sustainably

Providing innovative, tailored solutions and digital tools using a holistic approach, we are your partner to uncover nutrition’s power to do more with less to feed the world and protect the planet.​

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 Our Brands

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Delacon™ is a leading provider of innovative phytogenic solutions for animal nutrition, utilizing the power of nature to support animal health, performance, and well-being.

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Diamond V

For 80 years, Diamond V®, has lead the research, development, and delivery of unique microbial fermentation products for animal nutrition and health.

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By leveraging a global network, the Provimi brand offers the best animal nutrition solutions for our customers.

Let’s explore the possibilities together

The power of global capabilities is harnessed by specialized local teams to ensure product leadership and customer intimacy. Contact us to learn more.

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Heat stress poses a significant challenge to egg-type chicken farmers in sub-tropical and tropical regions. Explore how strategies like barn engineering, nutritional approaches, and phytogenic solutions can help mitigate the impacts on welfare, production performance, and economic losses.

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