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Adhesives & Binders

Across markets and geographies, customers and regulations are dictating the need for environmentally friendly ingredients that are better for people and the planet. The adhesive and binders market is no exception.

Cargill's deep expertise in agriculture-based chemistry has led to our adhesive innovations that draw on natural sources for bonding strength, versatility, and staying power. Cargill develops bio-based adhesive ingredients for applications in wood, furniture, and carpet. These ingredients deliver performance and profits through more sustainable science.

Working with Cargill means that we will collaborate with you and support you until you find the solutions you are looking for. We encourage you to reach out to us for more information on what we can do for you.

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Richard Thalhofer from our R&D team will be speaking about more sustainable packaging at the virtual Inter Praline Congress, December 8 & 9 2021.




Since 2018, Cargill oversees the Scientific Coordination of the European SUSBIND project, focused on creating bio-based binders.



Explore our products for adhesives and binders

Agri-Pure™ Biosolvent

Our vegetable oil-derived biosolvent offers excellent cleaning, thinning and solvent properties with fewer health risks than traditional solvents. Availability: Europe


Industrial Base Oils

Canola, soybean and linseed oils provide many advantages over mineral oils, including low volatile organic compound (VOC) content and low toxicity. Availability: North America

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Industrial Soy Flours

Soy flour adhesives are a natural replacement for formaldehyde and phenol-based resins.

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Cargill is one of the world’s leading producers of polyols. Polyols play a role in stabilizing formulations of fermentation products such as enzymes. We offer a wide range of vegetable oil and carbohydrate based polyols including sorbitol and glycerin. Sugar based polyols such as sorbitol, maltitol and mannitol are available both in liquid and in solid form.

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Cargill is offering a wide range of native and modified starches. Native starches are used as a carbon source in fermentation processes. In addition starches play a role in stabilizing formulations of fermentation products and they can be used as a carrier for encapsulation or granulation of fermentation products

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Vegetable Oils

Cargill provides the naturally-sourced, renewable vegetable oils that manufacturers need to formulate products that are environmentally friendly and appeal to today’s eco-conscious consumer.

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