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Coconut Wax for Candle Making

Coconut wax is made from coconut oil, optionally hydrogenated to increase melting point, harden the wax and improve its colour and stability. It provides superb fragrance retention, scent throw and extended burn time. Coconut wax is the smart choice for candle makers and manufacturers who are focused using more economical, more natural, and more sustainable products for high-quality candle making than using petroleum-based products. It contains no ingredient with animal or mineral/petroleum origin. NatureWax® coconut wax has many benefits for the small candle maker and large manufacturer alike.

Benefits of using Coconut Wax in your Candle Making

  • Slow clean burn that helps the candle burn at a more consistent rate and temperature, while producing less soot
  • Provides a creamier appearance as an additive to wax blend
  • Bright, white color and is easily colored
  • Neutral odor
  • Superior fragrance throw in scented candles
  • Blends well with other natural, harder waxes
  • Sourced from renewable vegetable sources that can be replenished at a faster rate than many alternative fluids

Where to buy NatureWax® vegetable waxes

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