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Envirotemp™ Fluid

Ideal for free-breathing and traction transformers

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Envirotemp™ fluid is a less flammable, synthetic ester-based dielectric liquid ideally suited for use in free-breathing transformers (both new and retrofill). Compared to mineral oil, it offers increased fire safety, greater environmental protection and superior moisture tolerance.

Enhanced fire safety

Envirotemp fluid has a high fire point (>300°C), and is classified as a K-class liquid (to IEC 61100/61039). Envirotemp fluid has a flawless fire safety record, and enables reduced fire mitigation requirements when applied within a less-flammable fluid filled transformer.

Improved environmental protection

Envirotemp fluid is an environmentally superior alternative to mineral oil and silicone because it is classified as readily biodegradable (OECD 301) and non-hazardous in water and soil.

High performance

Envirotemp fluid is a robust fluid that provides long-term stability even when exposed to extreme temperature variations. It also possesses excellent oxygen stability allowing it to be used in free breathing electrical equipment.

Superior moisture tolerance

As a synthetic ester, the chemical make-up of Envirotemp™ enables high water saturation (2700 ppm vs 55 ppm for mineral oil). This is an important feature for maintaining a fluid’s dielectric strength.

Because mineral oil is hydrophobic, the water stays in the paper. Since Envirotemp fluid is comparatively hydrophilic, water is absorbed by the fluid or wicked away from the insulation paper. By taking water out of the insulation paper, the aging of the paper is slowed and the life of the insulation system as well as the transformer asset is therefore extended.

Envirotemp fluid has been thoroughly evaluated, and conforms to IEC 61099 “Specifications for Unused Synthetic Organic Esters for Electrical Purposes”.

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