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C☆iCoat™ Board Coating Starch

C☆iCoat™ is a bio-polymer combining high cold water solubility with high binding power, offering increased latex replacement potential. Made from renewable resources, C☆iCoat™ bio-polymer is used in board coating applications such as Folding Box Board (FBB), coated corrugated boxes based on virgin and/or recycled fibers.

Eco-friendly and easy-to-use, C☆iCoat™ is added in dry form to the coating color. It improves the optical quality of boards and the boxes’ strength. Our coating solution can be used in various application units (Bar, air-knife, curtain, blade and Metered Size Press coating), providing both excellent coater runnability and regular coverage of the board.

C☆iCoat™ bio-polymer products are designed to:

Reduce costs

  • C☆iCoat enables a 1:1 replacement of latex
  • Significant reduction of additives, especially rheology modifiers
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Improved runnability and productivity

Improve board quality

  • Reinforce box strength
  • Maintains board characteristics
  • Higher coating solids achievable enables better coverage, enhancing optical properties
  • C☆iCoat has better resistivity against microbiological contamination than cooked starch in coating colours