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Coromat iFlex Glue Kitchen

The step ahead to produce better glues

Improving your corrugated board production process means improving cost efficiency and, of course, profitability.

The new Coromat™ iFlex glue kitchen is Cargill’s state-of-the-art, compact, fully automated corrugating adhesive preparation system.

Technologically advanced, flexible and adaptable, Coromat™ iFlex provides a highly efficient viscosity controlled glue kitchen process which can deliver faster speeds, less glue consumption, a reduction in waste and improved wet resistance.

What’s more, the glue kitchen system comes with full after sales support, both on-site and remotely. No matter what type of glue preparation method or starch products you use, Coromat™ iFlex preparation system will help to keep you one step ahead.

Benefits of the Coromat™ iFlex glue kitchen

Innovation: An innovative preparation system to improve quality and performance

  • Applied rheology know-how
  • Integrated dosage facilities
  • High performing and cost-saving
  • Easy adaptation to existing equipment
  • Large memory storage capacity for data processing

Flexibility: A comprehensive range of options to suit specific needs

  • MInocar, stein Hall, One-bag-Mixes
  • Simple system integration
  • Flexible interface
  • Freedom in formula & system settings
  • Secured by "build-in Safety"
  • Custom tailored dimensioning

Economy: Designed to lower costs, while maintaining the highest glues production quality

  • Better yields
  • Reduced waste rate
  • Low maintenance demand and downtime
  • Highly automated process
  • Recycling of process waters (flexo print, corrugator)

Excellence: A high performaning solution to achieve superior paper bonding and board quality continuous process monitoring

  • High-standard system components
  • Fully automated system control
  • Atate-of-the-art process visualization
  • Local & remote operation facilities
  • Online remote services
  • On-site service technicians

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