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Cross-Linked and Carrier Starches

Cross-linked starches for corrugating

For greater wet-bond strength in corrugating, Cargill has developed a starch designed to reach a higher peak viscosity at its gelatinization temperature. As glues made with these cross-linked starches yield higher viscosity increases on heating green bond condition is attained more quickly. Adhesives prepared with cross-linked starches have, in addition, an improved rheological profile for excellent application on corrugating rolls, superior wet-bond strength (tack) and minimal glue consumption.

Carrier starches

The use of specialty carrier starch improves glue penetration of the paper surface. This is particularly important when a closed paper surface is used. The use of these specialty starches produces adhesives with greater viscosity stability and shorter textures, compared with Stein Hall glues made with regular starch. Stronger bonds and improved production speeds can also be achieved.

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