Employee Profile

Enita I.

Name: Enita I.
Title: Quality Control Supervisor
Career Area: Engineering & Operations, Quality Assurance & Food Safety
Location: Makassar, South Sulawesi

This year will see me completing my 13th year of service with Cargill’s cocoa business in Makassar. In my work, I really have gotten to appreciate Cargill’s commitment to quality. I also have had the chance to improve our working processes together with my colleagues.

Cargill has been giving me the opportunity to participate in training programs to enhance my knowledge and skills, especially around leadership. The most important thing for me is how Cargill helps me to be a better team worker. I now reinforce my knowledge and skills with effective communication to achieve better performance.

I also like how Cargill appreciates and evaluates employee performance and loyalty, and how the company cares for the environment and local community.