Employee Profile

JeongYeol L.

Name: Jeong Yeol L.
Title: Risk Management & Sourcing Leader
Career Area: Procurement & Sourcing, Trading
Location: Bundang, Korea
Education: Alto University, MBA.

My role

My main responsibility is to capture value through procuring  feed ingredients. In the feed business, material costs are almost 80 percent of net sales – a huge portion. Moreover, there are about 50 feed companies and around 100 feed plants in Korea, which makes ours a very competitive business environment. I believe maintaining competitiveness in raw material buying is one of the most important factors in achieving sustainable growth in our business.

I monitor the grain futures market, especially corn and soybean meal. I gather and analyze information to determine the best time to buy the main imported ingredients. Buying managers need to understand each ingredient market deeply and to effectively negotiate with suppliers.

My path

I started my career as a sales representative for another feed company for two years. I then moved to a different company and worked as a buyer for four years. Next, I joined Cargill as a buyer and have been here for 15 years.

My advice

Keep learning from everything and everyone, and try your best even if you think it’s a mere trifle. Also be patient. By this I mean: Don’t be hasty even though you might think your manager does not recognize your good performance. Someday your true potential will be clear to everyone.

I believe we can learn and experience a lot more with a positive attitude. There have been times when I accepted tasks which I felt were not suitable for me. But when I approached the tasks with a positive point of view, thinking of them as opportunities for learning and meeting new people, it became a chance to show my hidden talents and further build my career.

Why we’re Better Together

‘People’ is the reason we are better together: my supervisors, colleagues and subordinates. My supervisor motivates us and provides the opportunity to achieve not only the organization’s goals but our own individual goals as well. Support from supervisors, colleagues and other functions is critical. Collaboration is the key and helps us to work more efficiently and effectively.

About me

I like to enjoy my life with family and friends through fishing, mountain climbing, watching movies, golf, wheeling and in-line skating. I can play several musical instruments, including guitar, bass and drums. I am also a conductor in my church.