Employee Profile

Tae Gon K.

Name: Tae Gon K.
Title: TQM Manager
Career Area: Engineering & Operations, Quality Assurance & Food Safety
Location: Pyeongtaek, Korea
Education: Seoul National University, Bachelor

"Live a life without regrets"

My role

I work as the plant’s manager for feed safety, quality and regulatory, which entails managing good and safe production while also following national regulatory requirements. It requires a deep understanding of issues in these areas, as well as broad knowledge of food and feed safety systems like HACCP and ISO2000.
You also need background information on production processes and raw material quality. Based on this information, I monitor everything from raw materials to complete feed, in order to meet the expectations of both customers and Cargill.
I keep track of customer satisfaction and product quality, and ensure that Cargill is creating value.
I also communicate with our marketing and technology center to help us achieve higher customer satisfaction and better delivery of value. Successfully carrying out this job requires you to always have a positive and open attitude. 

My path

I started my career at the Songtan plant as a specialist in my field and built experience as the manager handling these issues at the Jeongup plant. From 2010, I have been working in my current role. 

My advice

In Cargill, you can succeed if you have strong passion and a commitment to win.

Do not give up. Even if there is trouble, you can find success among the colleagues on your team.

Why we're Better Together

My area requires teamwork to achieve our objectives of safety and high product quality. That is why our department is called “Total Quality Management.” We must continuously check the whole process including the purchase of raw materials, receiving, production, delivery and customer satisfaction. I can't do it alone. Cargill has set our system up to succeed, including hiring top talent. As they say, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. Our goals can be achieved when we are together.

About me

I go on family trips at least twice a year, even with my busy life. Whenever I can, I put effort into teaching my son how to ride a bike and playing the traditional Korean shuttlecock game (Jaeki), and also jump rope. Family is the driving force of my life and my resting place.