Employee Profile

Petra U.

Name: Petra U.
Title: GHRO Migration Process Lead EMEA
Career Area: Human Resources
Location: Schiphol, The Netherlands
Education: Erasmus University Rotterdam, MSc. in Work & Organizational Psychology

“From day one at Cargill I was provided numerous opportunities not only to contribute to business continuity, but most importantly, I had a chance to introduce new concepts and ideas and implement continuous improvement practices.”

From day one at Cargill I was provided numerous opportunities not only to contribute to business continuity, but most importantly, I had a chance to introduce new concepts and ideas and implement continuous improvement practices. For example, one of my initial assignments was to design, introduce and deploy Induction program for the workforce based in the Netherlands. Having the opportunity to work with multiple Business Units to create a sustainable approach toward onboarding in the Netherlands was extremely rewarding.

Did you intern at Cargill? If so, where was your internship and what was your role?

Yes, I have started at Cargill with an Internship supporting embedded HR Manager and his team in Cargill Refined Oils Europe. Throughout this period my main area of focus was to support the HR team with the annual talent talk process, introduction of succession planning tool within the BU, taking a step forward toward deployment of coaching culture as well as stimulating usage of various electronic communication tools, such as corporate social network or instant messaging software. I am convinced that the internship gave me a great fundamental introduction to the HR job family at Cargill and was a key influencing factor when choosing my initial career steps.

Describe your work responsibilities and the importance of your role.

When the final phase of my HR Management Traineeship was approaching, Cargill made a global decision to begin utilizing the internal services by creating Global and Regional Shared Service Centers. I have spent much of my time contributing toward global strategy with a focus on process optimization, standardization and alignment across countries in our company. This project will be successful for Global HR Operations if we pay close attention to how the core activities by our teams are performed.

Describe your day-to-day activities and the skills needed to perform well.

If I am not travelling to be part of process mapping workshops or training’s linked to bringing our new team in Cargill Business Center, I am focusing on standardizing the country practices within HR operations, locally leading change by making sure our stakeholders are fully aware and informed and trying to continuously take a step closer to reach our goal. What skills do I need? I believe it is to think analytically, being able to see a bigger picture and interactions between our sub departments, enjoy and be able to introduce and lead change as well as ability to connect people.

Describe your career path. Where did you start and how did you get to where you are today?

Starting as an intern and later joining the European Graduate program is how I got introduced to the company. During my traineeships, I have had a chance to perform multiple temporary roles within HR job family. For example, I was responsible for our NL employees in Functions from HR Generalist perspective, I had a chance to lead Learning and Development for the Netherlands and Germany and join core projects for Global HR Operations in the region. Joining the projects as well as having the opportunity to understand HR operations in multiple European countries gave me a great foundation for my role.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Seeing some of my ideas being implemented in practice and improving the way we work in order to reach reach our goals that sometimes are quite challenging motivates me on daily basis.

Why did you choose to join Cargill and what keeps you here? In other words, how has a career at Cargill helped you to thrive?

To be honest in my answer, the first word that came to my mind is challenges! The main reason I chose Cargill was the global reach of our company, the colleagues that I have been working with during my internship, and the great talent.

What advice would you give someone interested in a career at Cargill like yours?

Take the initiative, if you have a great idea - present it well, find support and do not give up. Our company is full of interesting opportunities for entrepreneurial thinking and growth.

Share an interesting tidbit about yourself such as hobbies, volunteerism, favorite foods or activities, accomplishments inside or outside of work.

I am fascinated by cultural differences across the globe and love living in. as well as travelling around different countries. In my free time I enjoy sports of any kind (tennis, running, basketball, yoga, snowboarding – anything as long as I can be active), learning languages and spending time with my family and friends.