Employee Profile

Lynne B.

Name: Lynne B.
Title: Senior Paralegal
Career Area: Law
Location: Wayzata, Minnesota
Education: Iowa State University, BA

“I am proud to work for a company that cares more about ethics than the bottom line.”

My Role

Paralegals team with Cargill attorneys to provide cost effective legal support to Cargill’s businesses. The paralegals often serve as the first point of contact in the legal department and our responsibilities vary from drafting and negotiating agreements to reviewing advertisements and product packaging to ensure we meet regulatory requirements. The days fly by as I focus on a range of agreements – from toll manufacturing to sponsorships – and respond to questions on topics as varied as bankruptcy and confidentiality.

My Path

I was first an editor at newspapers and magazines then joined Cargill as a paralegal intern after receiving my paralegal certificate. I then worked with a private law firm in Washington, D.C., and returned to the Cargill law department in 2000 as a trademark paralegal. In 2011 I decided to expand my knowledge base and switched to the generalist team.

My Advice

No matter your background, there’s something for you at Cargill. We are always looking for talented paralegals who are self-starters and enjoy digging into new areas and opportunities.

About Me

I always thought that I wanted to be a writer for a soap opera. While there’s less drama, my job today gives me plenty of opportunity to use my writing skills in a variety of ways, and I still enjoy catching up on my favorite soap operas once in a while.

Why We’re Better Together

In today’s political and economic environment, it can be easy to cut corners to reach goals. But Cargill is committed to doing fair and ethical business, and to giving back to the communities in which we work and live. I have been given many opportunities to stretch and develop new skills, plus flexibility in my work arrangements. Helping Cargill businesses reach goals gives me satisfaction on a daily basis.