Employee Profile

Randy S.

Name: Randy S.
Title: Assistant Director – Corporate Audit
Career Area: Information Technology
Location: Wayzata, Minnesota
Education: MBA; BBA, Management Information Systems

“Cargill’s values align with mine. There has never been a time that I have had to question my fit within this company.”

My Role

I oversee many complex, custom-developed and packaged applications supporting critical business functions like operations, trade execution, safety, contracting, market data, CRM, customer self-service, etc.  I lead a group of team leads, senior level employees, and offshore developers and am responsible for staff development and partnering with Cargill AgHorizons to understand its strategies and how technology can enable success.  I also get to pilot and establish new services and technologies that create value and reduce costs for Cargill.

My Path

I started my career with Cargill as an IT intern in a corn milling facility in Memphis. I started full-time in Minneapolis as an IT Business Analyst. Over time, I supervised eCommerce teams, business intelligence teams, and application teams. I even had the opportunity to move to Pennsylvania to lead the technology side of an SAP implementation and was the business relationship manager for our cocoa and chocolate business.

My Advice

Embrace your opportunities!  Sometimes they come knocking on your door, while other times you have to keep your eyes open.  Everyone has opportunities for growth—you just have to step out of your comfort zone. Often these may not be vertical career progression, but they are just as important, if not more so!

About Me

I love both travel and volunteering.  With both of these loves comes a natural fit to go on mission trips through my church.  I’ve been to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Louisiana and soon Russia. I love to help people tangibly by building houses, serving food, helping after natural disasters, playing with children, but also spiritually by sharing my faith.

Why We’re Better Together

There is never a dull day at Cargill! I enjoy the variety of work that I do every day. One day I could be deploying new applications, the next day hiring a new employee, and the day after volunteering in the community.