Employee Profile

Livia T.

Name: Livia T.
Title: Transportation Subject Matter Expert SAP - Tartan
Career Area: Supply Chain & Logistics
Location: Padova, Italy
Education: University of Venice, Ca’ Foscari, Master’s degree in International Economics

“What gratifies me most is the challenging and diverse environment I am constantly exposed to, being requested to contribute with fresh ideas and strong energy.”

After the first three months at Cargill, when I was introduced to the domestic execution of oleaginous seed meals, I chose this path over vessel execution. This was the turning point for my development which underlies how essential it is to take a personal responsibility when it comes to your professional growth.

Describe your work responsibilities and the importance of your role.

Until 2014, my role included both operational and people management activities. I was also responsible for sourcing all services to make the supply chain run effectively, such as securing freights, discharging and storaging solutions, supervision, fumigation etc. The overall view I had of our supply chains was one of my most significant roles which meant keeping in contact with our stakeholders in order to drive cost effective solutions. As of 2015, I moved to the SAP-Tartan project team as SME for the transportation processes.

Describe your day-to-day activities and the skills needed to perform well.

Until 2014, my standard day at work was a combination of operational activities related to our vessel flows, and the involvement in the domestic distribution handled by the other team members. Internal meetings and calls, suppliers’ visits, local and BU reporting and people development focus, made up the rest of the day. Crucial capabilities to succeed in my role are curiosity, keen sense of priorities and motivation for high performance combined with the ability to foster a collaborative and engaged team. These skills and the deep business knowledge remain key factors to be successful also in the new SAP position.

Describe your career path. Where did you start and how did you get to where you are today?

My career path at Cargill began with the domestic execution of protein meals. After a few months, I also supported vessel execution and performed a couple short term assignments abroad,to consolidate my experience and gain additional knowledge and exposure. From 2010 until 2011, I facilitated the re-internalization of local SSE plant corn supply chain. And since winter 2011, took over the role of Italy’s trade execution team supervisor. This until January 2015, when I moved onto the SAP-Tartan project team.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

What gratifies me most is the challenging and diverse environment I am constantly exposed to, being requested to contribute with fresh ideas and strong energy, whilst making sure to build strong and effective relationships with our internal and external customers, locally and internationally.

Why did you choose to join Cargill and what keeps you here? In other words, how has a career at Cargill helped you to thrive?

I chose Cargill because of its reputation and worldwide reach, particularly in the food and agriculture sector most recently I spent two weeks in our Sao Paulo office in the bulk export department, and also had the opportunity to join the GOSCE SAP implementation project team.

What advice would you give someone interested in a career at Cargill like yours?

Keep a personal responsibility on your own development and invest on the net of internal connections. Be curious, open-minded, flexible and committed; the results will come!

Share an interesting tidbit about yourself such as hobbies, volunteerism, favorite foods or activities, accomplishments inside or outside of work.

In my “out of work” life, I divide myself among the passion for gastronomy and cooking (someone says I am a quite decent cook!), the flamenco classes and the show preparation, and snowboarding in our mountains during winter.