Employee Profile

Vo Thi Xuan T.

Name: Vo T. Xuan Thao
Title: Accountant
Career Area: Finance & Accounting
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

“My colleagues and I have learned the values that we are really proud of: Integrity, Respect for others, Commitment to serve, and Passion for success."

My role

I am now an accountant in the Finance Department of Cargill Vietnam.

My path

Time has really flown by, I have been a member of Cargill for almost 21 years now, which is not too long but not short either. 21 years going by leaving in me so many good memories. There are many great things at Cargill, but what struck me most and remains in my heart is the company’s commitment: “Cargill’s business operations are not only from the solutions we develop for customers but also from community development programs we do wherever we live and work.” This commitment is visualized and realized through Cargill Cares Councils, which I am a member of in Vietnam. Cargill has successfully established and built up a large community program to fulfill our corporate citizen responsibilities.

What’s more, with Cargill my colleagues and I have learned the values that we are really proud of: INTEGRITY, RESPECT FOR OTHERS, COMMITMENT TO SERVE and PASSION FOR SUCCESS. To me, as a Cargill employee, INTEGRITY means to talk and act with the highest ethical standards, at the same time to do the right things regardless of the consequences. RESPECT FOR OTHERS is to treat others as I want to be treated. COMMITMENT TO SERVE is equal to doing what is best for others. Last, but not least, PASSION FOR SUCCESS means our relentless pursuit of excellence, driven by a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Why I chose Cargill

For myself, the more I understand from all the social events and activities that Cargill has been doing for the local community as well as from the company’s charity programs for my own country, the more thankful and prouder I am to be an employee of Cargill. This is truly a company not only doing business well for profits but also being a company of good hearts and giving back spirits, Cargill is a really good corporate role model for other companies.