Employee Profile

Ho Diep T

Name: Ho Diep Thao
Title: Marketing Executive
Career Area: Marketing & Communications
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

"If you want some reasons to be proud of your work, Cargill will give a lot."

My role

I am a marketing executive. In my role, I am organizing various company events for commercial team and customer, handling annual brand name and brand audit, supporting community activities such as fund raising, school building and others. 

My path

I had one year of valuable experience with a local headhunter, then I joined Cargill in 2014 as an HR assistant. I was in the Learning & Development team to handle training plans and employee engagement activities. In this position, I was able to enrich my knowledge and skills. After 3 years, I found myself excited with creative and innovative pieces of work so I deciced to apply for an internal job rotation. I joined Cargill Strategic Marketing and Technology (SMT) team as an marketing executive. I am now able to contribute my various ideas to help bring more values to the company. This job brings me closer to our customers and help me perform well as guided by Cargill “To respect business partners”. 

My advice

As a young team member, you should try your best to learn and do your best in your daily work, whether it is a routine work or a more significant one. Remember that small steps add up. Then you will find yourself grow everyday. Cargill creates favorable conditions for young people to bring their creativity into full play and contribute ideas to make the company better.  

Why I chose Cargill

I chose Cargill as my best place to work where I find myself as a member in a large family with lots of precious sharing and mutual support. Cargill has its own unique culture. Besides nourishing animals, Cargill nourishes talents and strongly engages with them. I was impressed by Cargill's Greenbook which set the right guidance for business etiquette for each member in our organization. Besides business activities, we also enrich our local community through annual Cargill Cares fund-raising activities and school building program. If you are looking for some reasons to be proud of your work, Cargill will give you a lot.

About me

A friendly and humorous colleague who can give you a lovely poem in 1 minute.