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Trade Voices

“So what happens with trade is it creates, it brings in new things. It brings in new products. It brings in new services. It brings in new ideas, new technologies, new people. In my way of thinking that is a very good thing.”

Keith Rockwell, Director, Information and External Relations Division, World Trade Organization

“We need free trade, we need low barriers, we need a global environment that fosters trade in order to thrive. We think it’s the best way to provide food to the population of the world, because we need efficient supply chains to do this.”

Dominique Le Doeuil, Vice President Finance, Cargill

“We would not have the number of jobs that we have today in manufacturing if it were not for trade opportunities.”

Jay Timmons, President and CEO, National Association of Manufacturers

“We can’t stop globalization. The important part is that we’re part of it. Don’t sit it out. If we become a protectionist society, we will step out. This was the beginning of what caused the Great Depression. … We’ve got a long history that shows what protectionism does to our economy. It’s never been good.”

Kate Weiner, North America Customs Manager, Cargill

“What’s critical is that everybody realize that the best way to ensure peace in this world, and for this world to thrive, we must have free trade. We need to be able to move goods from where there are surpluses to where there are deficits.”

Gert-Jan Van Den Akker, Corporate Senior Vice President, Cargill Agricultural Supply Chain

“Trade connects the cocoa farmers of West Africa, the sugar farmers of Latin America, the dairy farmers in Europe, and chocolate factory workers in North America to meet the increasing global demand for chocolate. Without trade, there would be no chocolate.”

Lionel Soulard, Managing Director, Cargill West Africa

“My team of locals actually have their jobs because of trade. But don’t just look at my team. My customers have grown their businesses across these countries and hired more people.”

Shing Wong, General Manager, Cargill Animal Protein, Greater China & ASEAN