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Cargill Aqua Nutrition’s feed helps our customers resolve water management challenges

Our customers in Asia were facing water management challenges, and Cargill Aqua Nutrition’s feed became a part of the solution.

Our AquaXcel feed is developed using advanced extrusion technology which makes it highly water resistant and leaves behind minimum residues in the water. This ensures the ponds are consistently clean, reducing the burden of water treatment for our farmers, especially during monsoon season.

“Shrimp farming is always more difficult in the rainy season. 80 percent of the farmers in this area do not reach the harvest size of 100 shrimps during monsoon. When I use Cargill feed, it takes a long time to dissolve so I can control the amount of feed. If the feed isn’t excessive, it will not produce toxic gas and pollute the pond solving our water treatment challenges.” Van Tien TRAN, a Vietnamese shrimp farmer.