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Trusted Advisors, True Partners

Trusted Advisors, True Partners

  • Cargill’s team of advisors partner with producers to optimize for success.

  • Advisors play a part in the entire process production process – helping wherever needed.

  • Trusted advisors build trust to keep animals happy and profitable.


Each producer deals with unique challenges that reveal varying needs. But there’s a common need among them.

Producers need trusted advisors – someone who can assess the needs of animals and advise within the context of the operation. To do this, they must first know the entire operation, and share a common goal with the producer.

A trusted advisor is fully vested to help producers succeed – whatever that may look like.


Sometimes that means observing and analyzing feed to make sure it has all the right components. Other times that means tracking building ventilation. Trusted advisors work side-by-side with producers to make sure they’re getting the most out of their feed, and their operation is running at full efficiency. They get dirty their hands dirty. They observe the whole operation – not just any one part.

Cargill’s team of advisors are true partners for producers. They take a holistic approach to nutrition and animal well-being to ensure producer success. And, through the process, they become like family.

Bringing next-generation flock-management capabilities to poultry producers with new, artificial intelligence (AI) driven service.

Leveraging more than a decade of research on the gut microbiome, Galleon accesses Cargill’s extensive research data to guide flock-management decisions.


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