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Feed is a steep investment for a livestock producer, and feed isn’t one-size-fits-all. Because producers are measured on animal performance, they need feed that will deliver proper outcomes. Their bottom line depends on it.

Producers also recognize long-term success of their operation is critical. That’s why they require solutions that offer a seamless experience, mitigate risk, promise the best animal well-being and performance, and produce a quality product.

Holistic Animal Nutrition  

In today’s market, the seemingly unlimited amount of nutrition offerings can cloud decision-making. And with each operation’s unique needs, the choice becomes more complicated. Even within the same species, different operations have different goals that are impacted by various factors, including environmental impacts and volatile markets. 

Which feed inputs and combinations are best? Which nutrition solution will help producers achieve the individual goals set for their operation? Which feed ingredients will increase performance? The answer: A holistic approach to animal nutrition – including animal physiology, ingredients, feed production, consumption and product development.


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Leading with Nutritional Science

While investing in many new and exciting areas, the nutritional well-being of animals is at the forefront of what Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health brings to producers. And nutritional science is much more than feeding animals. Cargill uses its deep knowledge to help farmers make more intelligent decisions to adapt to various risks – animal health, consumer demand and economic challenges.

The Cargill Nutrition System uses big data to solve challenges with tailored solutions. It’s fueled by the world’s largest database of nutrient samples, cutting-edge research and a deep expertise on animal biology to deliver insights that make a difference.

A vast global network equips Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health to forecast where the industry is headed and create solutions to meet producers’ most pressing challenges. This knowledge informs feed decisions, ensuring what’s fed to an animal is safe, nutritious and supportive of overall health.


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Animal Nutrition Meets Consumer Demand

Consumers are driving a change in the industry. They want to know that the meat they eat was raised responsibly, keeping top-of-mind the health of the animal and the environment. 

Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health’s nutrition tools assist farmers in raising healthy animals and responsibly using feed inputs. Cargill formulates products that can reduce animal stress caused by the environment. Our global insights inform what ingredients you can feed your animals to reduce heat stress, for example, in some of the warmest areas of the world. This allows producers to be more proactive in decision-making, adding value to the end-product.

Being a global leader doesn’t matter much unless those insights and expertise that come with it can be put to work for farmers. With more than 500 research professionals working in 17 state-of-the-art innovation and application centers around the globe, Cargill takes pride in having the deepest knowledge across livestock, poultry, pet, equine and aquaculture.


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Providing the Right Start for Young Animals

Each species requires specific nutrition at different stages of life, with varied nutritional needs dependent on region and environment. But nothing so dramatically impacts the livability, health and growth of production animals as early-life nutrition. What these animals are fed before they are born, and during the first stage of their lives, is the single biggest variable in providing a strong head start. Investing in early life promotes sustainability and longevity down the line, with greater return on investment in the future.

Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health research has demonstrated that providing the right nutrition at the right time to both newborns and maternal animals – especially during gestation, lactation and weaning – can have profound effects on the overall lifelong performance of the animal. Cargill’s cumulative knowledge around young animal nutrition, combined with new feeding programs and products, helps farmers optimize both the health and welfare of their livestock and the profitability of their farming operations.

A Cargill poultry study in Malaysia showed that providing young chicks with more highly digestible feed during the first week of their lives boosted weight gain by 30 grams (roughly 17%). What’s more, the chicks maintained above average weight gain throughout other stages of their lives. And, they proved to be healthier and required less medication than usual.


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Maximizing Protein Quality

As prosperity grows globally, people are adding animal protein products to their diet as a healthy source of essential nutrients. But consumers don’t just want any protein; they want protein produced in a healthy, sustainable manner. No longer are consumers seeking simple, affordable sustenance. They have a set of preferences and values, and they expect protein to be raised in a way that meets or exceeds them.

Consumers expect the products they buy to be high-quality, safe and wholesome. They seek products that are raised sustainably and humanely. Consumers want to know where their protein was raisedhow it was raised and what they can expect from the product as a result.

Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health understands consumers’ preference for the highest quality sources of protein and works hand-in-hand with producers to raise protein products that give consumers what they want.


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