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Sustainable &
ethical coatings

Sustainable & ethical coatings

Today’s consumer has a strong interest in where their products come from and how they are produced. Give them added assurance with our new range of coatings made from UTZ certified sustainable cocoa powder, along with RSPO certified palm oil and sunflower lecithin coatings.

Joined-up expertise

Joined-up expertise

Make use of Cargill’s extensive knowledge across the food ingredient sector combined with deep expertise in cocoa and ultra-modern application centers, and find winning solutions to your unique requirements. 

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These are unprecedented times in the cocoa market. Unforeseen low crop yields and export challenges have resulted in an overall global cocoa bean deficit. The high price of cocoa has a direct impact on the price of products like chocolate, which will ultimately have to be passed on to the chocolate-loving consumer.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Some reformulation work to switch from chocolate to coatings can deliver great gains. Furthermore, tapping into Cargill’s unparalleled portfolio and eight decades of expertise in coatings will allow cost-conscious consumers to continue to indulge, but without having to impact their weekly budget.

Our “cost-effective delights” range of coatings (part of our broad portfolio offering) has been shown to compete with traditional chocolate from both a labeling and a sensory perspective. It’s backed up by a new labeling study* which found no significant difference between a well marketed coated biscuit product using a coating and another made with traditional chocolate. At the same time, new research** on a sponge cake application shows that 90% of consumers are looking for the sensorial characteristics provided by a coating.

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It’s still possible to delight your consumers while protecting your margin with Cargill’s tailored coatings solutions.
Whether you’re looking to reformulate in bakery, ice cream or chocolate confectionery, our experts can help you develop recipes that address the preferences of your specific target group. Making the switch over from traditional chocolate is easy too, with no major investment required on your side. Basically, if your production can handle chocolate, then it can also handle a coating!

In short, Cargill’s tailored coatings solutions deliver both cost effectiveness & consumer delight…with no additional complexity.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to delight your consumers while protecting your margins. Reach out to our experts now for a coatings call. Let’s find the sweet spot together with cost-effective delights!

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*Cargill proprietary research – May-June 2024 – UK – N=900
**Soft cake study involved a panel of 200 consumers, split evenly between France and Spain (100 in each).

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