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New Gerkens® GS Range cocoa powders

Looking good, inside and out!

Discover the benefits of using a clean, dark cocoa powder from Gerkens®

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Nowadays, consumers expect their products to look good inside and out: they not only pay attention to the appearance of the products they consume, they are also becoming more and more conscious about the ingredients they contain.

After the European Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food & Feed provided a clarification on the EU Additive regulation concerning the status of alkalizing agents in cocoa powder, some customers might be required to label alkalizing agents on the ingredient list of their end-products.  The Gerkens® Cocoa Engineers, who are constantly monitoring the changing market conditions, responded to this by developing a solution that enables customers to keep on benefitting from a clean label while delivering the intense dark cocoa experience consumers love.

The result is a premium selection of five dark cocoa powders that, due to the fact that they have an alkalization level below 7%, don’t require alkalizing agents to be labeled on the ingredient list when used as an ingredient in composite food products.*

The impact of labeling alkalizing agents

Did you know that up to 1/3 of European consumers state they are less likely to buy a product if the ingredient list contains alkalizing agents?

This finding was obtained after an extensive market research was conducted involving more than 2,250 consumers from six European countries: the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Poland and Turkey. As a result of this research, the Gerkens® Cocoa Engineers confirmed that labeling of additives can have a negative impact on health perception but also a tangible impact on consumer’s purchase intent.

Additionally, research shows that globally, 40% of shoppers frequently look for products with fewer ingredients listed and, in Europe, 70% of consumers find it important to recognize the ingredients included in foods.  This highlights even more the importance of producing end-products with a “cleaner” ingredient list.

Gerkens GS Range infographic

The Gerkens® GS Range offer:

For food manufacturers that use dark cocoa powders as an ingredient in end-products for a wide variety of applications, from cereals to desserts, Gerkens® GS range offers:

  • A selection of intense, attractive dark cocoa powders, covering the spectrum from dark red to dark brown.
  • Five cocoa powders with an alkalization level below 7%, which, according to the principle of carry-over in the EU additive regulation, won’t require their alkalizing agents to be labeled on the ingredient list of their food application**
  • The opportunity to produce end-products with a “cleaner” ingredient list, in line with global trends.

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*in accordance with the recent clarification of the EU Additive regulation and the carry-over principle

** when used as an ingredient in composite food products

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