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Cargill brings together global farmers to find common ground in Iowa

Ten farmers from the Global Farmer Network visited a Cargill corn mill and biorefinery to share their stories and find solutions to common problems.


Cargill Global Scholars represent the future of food and ag

Every year, students from Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and the United States are selected to receive a scholarship toward their education and the opportunity to work with Cargill mentors.


Meet the robot that’s making cattle herding safer

There are inherent risks of working alongside animals that weigh 1,500 pounds. Cargill is testing the use of a cattle-driving droid to keep employees safe.

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With taste in mind, alternative zero-calorie sweeteners find a foothold

As the focus on sugar reduction intensifies Cargill’s new EverSweet™ sweetener offers a new choice for zero-calorie food and beverages.


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Cargill, a privately held company, reports its financial results on a quarterly basis. See our earnings performance and reporting segments.


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3 Cargill innovations that support healthier diets

As consumer preferences and nutrition requirements change, Cargill is helping food and beverage makers adapt their products. 


How a bioindustrial additive makes old asphalt young again

For most asphalt, there’s no such thing as retirement. But there is something like an elixir of youth.

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