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Trade & Capital Markets

Cargill Trade & Capital Markets provides financial solutions that facilitate trade and mitigate trade-related risks for companies doing business in emerging and developed markets. We work closely with customers, often including other Cargill businesses, to create financing structures that enable the buying and selling of agricultural and other commodities while mitigating risks associated with cross-border transactions.

Our customers include commodity producers and processors, traders of physical goods, importers and end-users, and financial institutions. We help them conduct global trade and mitigate the attendant risks. These include credit risk (nonpayment or delayed payment), documentation risk (non-conformance to specified documentation requirements) and cross-border risk (inconvertibility of a local currency to the currency needed to make payment, or unforeseen political or economic events that may interrupt normal business activity).

Acting as an intermediary, we strive to serve the needs and protections of the parties to a transaction. We offer a broad mix of innovative and customizable funding solutions, including letters of credit, prepayment financing for suppliers, warehouse financing for manufacturers, trade receivables discounting for exporters, trade credit insurance and more.

In addition to serving customers, our business handles Cargill’s own trade finance and risk mitigation needs. We also optimize the company’s physical trade flows to create trade finance-generated liquidity in emerging markets for customers. In carrying out these activities, we are involved in the proprietary trading of financial products, foreign exchange, credit and money markets.

Cargill Trade & Capital Markets is based in Singapore with 300 employees located in 16 offices around the world. Since our founding in 1993, we have been committed to bringing high standards of operational excellence and risk management to our customers. Our understanding of global markets, commodity trade flows, the commercial aspects of international trade, and financial institutions allows us to play a key role in helping our customers and Cargill serve, grow and thrive in new markets.