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Main headlines

155,000 employees worldwide and more than 10,000 in Brazil


R$ 35 billion in net operating revenue


Invested R$ 790 million in 2017 and R$ 4,6 billion in the last 7 years

Semeando o futuro volunteers participated in initiatives that benefited more than 21,000 people in 49 cities

Fundação Cargill celebrated its 45th anniversary


Triple S (Sustainably Sourced & Supplied) certification program present in four states: Paraná, Mato Grosso, Pará and Goiás


Our Cacau Floresta program assessed 70 properties and benefited
123 family farms


Shareholders’ equity grew by 17% in the year


Disposed of 650,000 liters of used cooking oil through our Ação Renove o Meio Ambiente program in 2017

Five days of lectures, workshops and special programs in different locations to discuss Diversity

Product launches

More than a dozen product launches in retail and food service including...

New LIZA Mayonnaise flavors
New Pomarola, Elefante and Tarantela-branded tomato products
Our new Genuine baking cocoa range
New Nutron Livelle and Proobefef Resist animal nutrition ranges