Fiscal year 2018/2019 featured many product innovations and new strategic partnerships for Cargill.


Product launches and new partnerships

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Always attentive to the needs and preferences of its customers, in 2018, Cargill invested on product launches that meet the demand for more affordable prices, smaller portions to avoid waste, new flavors, and brand renewal, as well as prioritizing the needs of consumers who seek sophistication and sustainability. In the same period, strategic partnerships were also established with important new customers.

Tomato products
Molhos de tomates

The overhaul of the Elefante brand was accompanied by the motto “Elefante, viver junto rende mais” (“Elefante, living together yields more”). The brand has evolved into a more informal and intimate tone, featuring a modern, accessible, consumer-friendly language. In addition, with the support of Maurício de Sousa, Cargill updated the character Jotalhão.

There was also the launch of new retail products, with innovative features: in tomato extract, Elefante Sabores now features the Pizza version and Extratomato, a 540 g pack. For sauces, new releases include the new 520 g packs focusing on the Cash & Carry channel; a new premium line of Pomarola made in Italy and sold in glass containers that can be reused after consumption or sent for recycling; and the special edition of Pomarola Chef, with a recipe by the winner of the last edition of the Master Chef Brazil, Maria Antonia Russi.

Innovative technology solutions

The company also announced in 2018 a strategic partnership with Agriness, the technology leader in pork production in Latin America to drive industry-wide transformation and bring emerging digital technologies to customers around the world. This should enable the improvement of livestock production and profitability of properties.

Salad dressings

In the summer season, two new salad dressings were launched in the Liza Red Berries and Liza Oriental versions. The choice of flavors was made based on studies on consumption habits and culinary trends. Practical and with striking flavors, both sauces are low-calorie products with reduced sodium levels and gluten- and lactose-free.

Molhos Liza
Animal nutrition

Under the Nutron brand, Cargill Animal Nutrition launched the Rapid Neopigg, a pig-specific product for the nursery stage. The tailored solution focuses on the challenges and difficulties of adapting freshly weaned piglets (which are no longer on a liquid diet and eating feed) due to stress during the maturing phase of the immune and digestive systems at the start of the nursery stage. A digital platform for poultry customers, the Poultry Enteligen, which integrates the Nutron Poultry solutions platform and brings more technology into livestock production, has also been launched, supporting decision-making and optimizing and improving production profitability.

Olive oil

The Borges Olive Oil line featured the launch of the Organic Borges Olive Oil, an extra virgin olive oil made using organic farming methods – without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMOs in its production process. Consumers can find the seal that proves this “organic” denomination in the packaging of the product itself.


The Genuine line introduced new packaging and sizes for all topping products. Now available in 2.1 kg and 1 kg sizes in the milk, white and dark chocolate flavors.

Vegetable oil as an insulating and cooling fluid

The companies EDP and Neoenergia, which operate in the Brazilian electric power sector, now enjoy the benefits of Cargill’s FR3™ insulating vegetable oil in new transformers in their power distribution networks. This is a reliable, sustainable, safe and efficient solution for transformers. With biodegradable characteristics, the FR3™ is a non-toxic fluid made from renewable sources, helping to protect the environment. In this line, Cargill also provides all the technical support to validate the application of the technology, ratifying the operational and financial benefits of replacing mineral oil with vegetable oil.

Food Safety

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For Cargill, food safety is crucial, permeating all actions in its production chain, and is reflected in its commitment to providing safe, high-quality products. To this end, it has the Cargill Product Safety and Quality Policy, revised in 2019, as well as specific certifications, such as the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000), which attests food quality and safety.

To serve retail consumers, Cargill has a Customer Service Center (SAC) and websites with detailed product information. All its online brands' platforms include a “Contact Us” session.

It should be noted that the company contributes significantly with technical support on important topics for the food industry and monitors the constant improvement of regulations and self-regulation. The company also acts alongside the food industry, academia, and government representative associations.

In 2018, Cargill provided a technical contribution for the discussions on Public Subsidy Acquisition (TPS) for the review of nutrition facts labeling by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), the primary purpose of which is to facilitate the use of nutritional information for food choices by Brazilian consumers. Academics, healthcare and industry professionals and consumers have participated in the discussion on the subject, and the information will be consolidated in a Public Hearing, which will present proposal on the product labeling for the sector.

Food safety permeates all actions in Cargill's production chain and is reflected in its commitment to providing safe and high-quality products
Saudabilidade dos alimentos


Eating habits are the foundation of healthy living and well-being. For this reason, Cargill, in partnership with food industries around the world, works to develop healthier alternatives for its consumers, such as the Lévia+e line, innovations in recipes, and presentation of tomato products.

The Lévia+e line is the newest solution in the company’s oils and fats portfolio , employing innovative patented technology that enables it to reduce saturated fat content without increasing the trans fats content in its products. Intended for application in fillings of cookies and chocolates, cakes, and ice cream, among other foods, Lévia+e was developed with the aim of meeting the growing demand for products that contribute to a healthier diet.

Tomato products
The company is also working to reduce the amount of sodium and sugars in its tomato products both in its tomato extract and pre-made sauce lines but without changing its taste and quality. Another noteworthy action is the complete elimination of preservatives in tomato sauces in packs (other packages no longer used food additives).

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