Cacao Allyie fertilizer program

Supporting long-term farm productivity, not just increased yields

January 01, 2016

Our Cacao Allyie fertilizer initiative in Côte d’Ivoire is helping to make sure that farmers get the most out of their fertilizer. Farmers involved in Cacao Allyie learn how to assess their farm’s suitability for fertilizer and how to apply it correctly when the time is right.

The initiative is an example of an effective public-private partnership, being run with Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) and Louis Deyfus Commodities (LDC).

How Cacao Allyie works

Cacao Allyie starts with farmer cooperatives, who buy fertilizer on credit at affordable rates every month and then sell to farmers for immediate payment, or on 30-day credit terms. Alternatively, to reduce the financial risk to cooperatives, farmers can pay for their fertilizer through a savings scheme.

The next stage involves training and application. Farmers who buy fertilizer receive a training ‘image box’ – a simple cartoon sequence that explains how to prepare their land for its use, choose the right weather conditions and apply it correctly. This unique, government-approved training material supports the training they receive at our Farmer Field Schools.

The flexible finance options mean that farmers can start benefiting from advice when they most need it, not just when they have the money immediately available.

The difference it makes

Cacao Allyie progress chart


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