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Nobel Prize Summit: Cargill participates in panel discussion on the role of science in mitigating human impact on nature 

Florian Schattenmann
Nobel Prize Summit: Our Planet – From Human Impact to Climate Action and Sustainable Industry Solutions
April 28, 2021

The human impact on nature is undeniable. The never-ending demand for limited natural resources leaves lasting effects on the environment and risks the loss of biological diversity. Cargill believes that innovation can be a powerful driver for new, sustainable solutions that will mitigate negative human impacts on the Earth.

Cargill's chief technology officer and VP of Research & Development and Innovation, Florian Schattenmann, joined other global leaders in science and industry to discuss how science and industry can work together to inspire innovative solutions. This panel addressed these issues with a foundation in the findings from the Nobel Prize Summit and in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. The conversation focused on big questions, including:

  • What does science tell us about the human impact on nature and loss of biodiversity?
  • How can science contribute to industries’ ongoing sustainability efforts?
  • How do companies incorporate science in developing strategies and plans for a smaller environmental footprint?