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Differentiate with EpiCor® Postbiotic 

  • Clinically Researched. Over a dozen published studies, including multiple clinical human trials, show that it helps support the immune system, nasal comfort and positively modulate the gut microbiome. 
  • #1 Postbiotic Brand1. Postbiotics is an emerging, new health ingredient that consumers are excited about and with our investment in consumer marketing and supporting our customers products, EpiCor® is the leading postbiotic brand.
  • Easy to Formulate. EpiCor® postbiotic is PH and heat stable making it suitable for many applications. 
  • Label-Friendly. Made in the USA, EpiCor® postbiotic is label-friendly with certifications and designations such as Non-GMO Project Verified, FDA GRAS no objection, vegan/vegetarian, gluten free, kosher, halal and BSE/TSE free.

1. According to Innova Data (July 2021).

EpiCor Applications


What is EpiCor? What is EpiCor®? 

As the #1 postbiotic brand, EpiCor® postbiotic is a whole food fermentate clinically shown to support immune and gut health. It’s made through a specialized fermentation process that creates a unique fingerprint of metabolites including proteins, peptides, antioxidants, polyphenols, organic acids, nucleotides, polysaccharides (1-3 1-6, beta glucans) and mannans. When taken daily, EpiCor® postbiotic acts like a multivitamin for the immune system®.


What are Postbiotics?

The ISAPP consensus definition and scope for postbiotics is: “A preparation of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that confers a health benefit on the host”. EpiCor® postbiotic is a non-living composition of metabolites and functional compounds that have been shown in over a dozen published studies to support immune and gut health. 

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What's the Difference? Prebiotics, Probiotics & Postbiotics

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Origin: A Real-Life Health Discovery


In the late 1800’s C.W. Bloomhall, a young boy who lived on a family farm, noticed that animals fed table scraps fermented with sour milk seemed to be healthier than animals fed simple grains alone.

After retiring from the milling industry in 1943, Bloomhall decided to put his theory to the test – that fermented foods provided unique health benefits. He founded the Diamond V® company to develop a specialized fermentation process to create an ingredient that would improve the health and productivity of livestock.

The Diamond V brand is now owned by Cargill and a highly respected brand of unique microbial fermentation products for improved animal health worldwide.

Fast forward to 1998: EpiCor’s Discovery

Factory employees at Diamond V’s manufacturing facility who were exposed daily to the fermented animal feed were not using much sick leave.

Why were the factory workers taking fewer sick days than their colleagues working in the office? To find out, Diamond V commissioned pilot studies comparing the factory workers to a similar group of office workers. And, those studies showed the fermented product had supported the immune health of the factory workers that were exposed.

After years of clinical research to show the safety and efficacy in people, EpiCor® postbiotic was born! Today, people all around the world trust EpiCor® postbiotic to support their immune and gut health. 

How It's Made

The process of fermentation - EpiCor Postbiotic Made in in the USA, EpiCor® postbiotic is made in a state-of-the-art facility that follows all current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) certified by NSF.  It is made through a specialized fermentation process that creates a unique fingerprint of metabolites and functional compounds consisting of proteins, peptides, antioxidants, polyphenols, organic acids, nucleotides, polysaccharides (1-3 1-6, beta glucans, and mannans).

To make EpiCor®, we start with baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and feed it a proprietary broth of natural, plant-based ingredients. It then goes through a specialized fermentation process where the yeast is deprived of oxygen, which causes them to produce beneficial metabolites. 

The final production step uses a proprietary and gentle drying process that deactivates the yeast (there are NO live yeast or other organisms in EpiCor® postbiotic) and preserves the complex array of metabolites created during fermentation. EpiCor® postbiotic is considered a “whole food” fermentate because nothing is extracted or purified - we use the whole fermentation broth and gently dry it to a powder. The dehydrated whole food fermentate is then milled to a fine powder and packaged within containers designed to protect it during storage and handling. 

Following extensive safety and identity testing, the result is EpiCor® postbiotic – a whole food yeast fermentate that helps support the immune system and positively modulate the gut microbiome.

How it Works

Over a dozen published studies show that EpiCor® has a wide range of real-life health benefits. These studies show EpiCor® supports a strong immune system and healthy gut to help people live more healthy days™. EpiCor® postbiotic:

Maintains daily immune health

Supports year-round nasal comfort

Positively modulates the gut microbiome

Supports digestive health

Made through a natural fermentation process, EpiCor® postbiotic supports a healthy gut microbiome which, as ongoing research suggests, helps to support a healthy immune system. It is rich with metabolites and when taken daily acts like a vitamin for your immune system™.


Versatility is one of the key advantages of postbiotics; they offer increased stability and consistency as compared to the more familiar ingredients like probiotics. Probiotics are inherently harder to work with than metabolites in postbiotics because they must remain alive – from processing and packaging until they reach the consumer’s gut. 

EpiCor® postbiotic is well-suited to a wide range of food and beverage applications. It is not a living organism and is highly heat stable. In addition, EpiCor® postbiotic can handle varying pH levels and has a three-year shelf life from its manufacture date. 

EpiCor - Applications of use

EpiCor Research: Immune and Gut Support

Human Clinical Trials: Winter Immune Support

1. Moyad, M. A.,  et al. Effects of a modified yeast supplement on cold/flu symptoms. Urol Nurs 2008, 28 (1), 50-5.

Read the abstract

2. Moyad, M. A., et all.  Immunogenic yeast-based fermentate for cold/flu-like symptoms in nonvaccinated individuals. J Altern Complement Med 2010, 16 (2), 213-8.  

Read the abstract



EpiCor Postbiotic Research Study - EpiCor Impacts Cold and Flu Symptoms on Healthy Adults

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