Connecting our global food system to nourish the world and protect the planet

Cargill is working to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. We've been in business for more than 150 years and have a history working with partners to navigate our complex food system from field to table.

We aim to be the most trusted partner in agriculture, food and nutrition. With our global presence, market expertise and supply chain capabilities, we are committed to creating a more sustainable, food-secure future. Our customers and communities trust Cargill for solutions that will nourish the world and protect the planet, ensuring current and future generations will thrive.

Providing sustainable nutrition: Urban agriculture

Cargill’s commitment to sustainability and nutrition has city neighborhoods turning green

[North America]/[Canada]

Four priorities for a sustainable future

Cargill is building sustainable supply chains so the world can thrive.

How urbanization is driving changes to our food system

University of Minnesota professor Dr. Phil Pardey describes how farming in remote areas will help nourish growing cities.

Strengthening supply chains to nourish a more urban world

Three ways Cargill is investing in farming communities around the world.


Sustainability features

Brazil Smallholdings

Improving livelihoods while supporting the environment

[Latin America]/[Brazil]

Crop Protection

Helping farmers achieve higher revenues and better yields

[EMEA]/[Cote d’Ivoire]

Training Coaches

Improving farmer livelihoods through one-to-one coaching

[EMEA]/[Cote d’Ivoire]

Access to Water

Improving access to potable water in Cameroon

[EMEA]/[Cote d’Ivoire]

GPS Mapping

Improving transparency on the ground

[EMEA]/[Cote d’Ivoire]
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