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About Us

Meeting the nutritional needs of a growing global population isn’t just a question of producing more to feed more people. Today’s consumers expect better access to diverse, high-quality protein, while increasingly demanding more environmentally responsible production methods. Too often, consumers think this puts them at odds with producers.

But producers share those same goals, just as they always have. As the original stewards of the land, their innovations and hard work have allowed humanity to thrive. For that to continue in today’s complex landscape, producers will need more help than ever.

Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health has created Feeding Intelligence as a platform to support and celebrate their efforts—and to help producers around the world face the challenges that lie ahead. We’re shining a light on new advancements and practices that prove wholesomeness and science can co-exist, that abundance can be sustainable, and that healthier animals are intrinsically linked to healthier people.

As always, Cargill will be here to partner and collaborate with the heroes who nourish the world.

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