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Feed is a steep investment for a livestock producer, and feed isn’t one-size-fits-all. Because producers are measured on animal performance, they need feed that will deliver proper outcomes. Their bottom line depends on it.

Producers also recognize long-term success of their operation is critical. That’s why they require solutions that offer a seamless experience, mitigate risk, promise the best animal well-being and performance, and produce a quality product.

Holistic Animal Nutrition  

In today’s market, the seemingly unlimited amount of nutrition offerings can cloud decision-making. And with each operation’s unique needs, the choice becomes more complicated. Even within the same species, different operations have different goals that are impacted by various factors, including environmental impacts and volatile markets. 

Which feed inputs and combinations are best? Which nutrition solution will help producers achieve the individual goals set for their operation? Which feed ingredients will increase performance? The answer: A holistic approach to animal nutrition – including animal physiology, ingredients, feed production, consumption and product development.


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Leading with Nutritional Science

While investing in many new and exciting areas, the nutritional well-being of animals is at the forefront of what Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health brings to producers. And nutritional science is much more than feeding animals. Cargill uses its deep knowledge to help farmers make more intelligent decisions to adapt to various risks – animal health, consumer demand and economic challenges.

The Cargill Nutrition System uses big data to solve challenges with tailored solutions. It’s fueled by the world’s largest database of nutrient samples, cutting-edge research and a deep expertise on animal biology to deliver insights that make a difference.

A vast global network equips Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health to forecast where the industry is headed and create solutions to meet producers’ most pressing challenges. This knowledge informs feed decisions, ensuring what’s fed to an animal is safe, nutritious and supportive of overall health.


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Nutrición de peces adecuada a las demandas de los consumidores finales

Los consumidores finales están impulsando un cambio en la industria. Quieren saber que los productos del mar que consumen se criaron de manera responsable, teniendo en cuenta la salud de los peces y el medio ambiente.

Las herramientas de nutrición de Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health ayudan a los productores a criar peces sanos y a utilizar de forma responsable los insumos alimentarios. Cargill formula productos que pueden reducir el estrés de los peces causado por el medio ambiente. Nuestros conocimientos globales nos permiten escoger ingredientes que podrían alimentar a sus peces para reducir el estrés por calor, en áreas más cálidas del mundo. Esto permite a los productores ser más proactivos en la toma de decisiones, agregando valor al producto final.

Ser un líder global no es tan relevante, a menos que los conocimientos y experiencia que vienen con esta posición, se puedan poner en práctica para los productores. Invertimos más de $ 10 millones de dólares al año en investigación y desarrollo de nutrición acuática y producimos alimentos en 20 países con 40 instalaciones en todo el mundo, 19 dedicadas a la nutrición acuática. Cargill se enorgullece de tener el conocimiento más profundo sobre ganado, aves de corral, mascotas, equinos y acuicultura



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Providing the Right Start for Young Animals

Each species requires specific nutrition at different stages of life, with varied nutritional needs dependent on region and environment. But nothing so dramatically impacts the livability, health and growth of production animals as early-life nutrition. What these animals are fed before they are born, and during the first stage of their lives, is the single biggest variable in providing a strong head start. Investing in early life promotes sustainability and longevity down the line, with greater return on investment in the future.

Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health research has demonstrated that providing the right nutrition at the right time to both newborns and maternal animals – especially during gestation, lactation and weaning – can have profound effects on the overall lifelong performance of the animal. Cargill’s cumulative knowledge around young animal nutrition, combined with new feeding programs and products, helps farmers optimize both the health and welfare of their livestock and the profitability of their farming operations.

A Cargill poultry study in Malaysia showed that providing young chicks with more highly digestible feed during the first week of their lives boosted weight gain by 30 grams (roughly 17%). What’s more, the chicks maintained above average weight gain throughout other stages of their lives. And, they proved to be healthier and required less medication than usual.


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Maximizing Protein Quality

As prosperity grows globally, people are adding animal protein products to their diet as a healthy source of essential nutrients. But consumers don’t just want any protein; they want protein produced in a healthy, sustainable manner. No longer are consumers seeking simple, affordable sustenance. They have a set of preferences and values, and they expect protein to be raised in a way that meets or exceeds them.

Consumers expect the products they buy to be high-quality, safe and wholesome. They seek products that are raised sustainably and humanely. Consumers want to know where their protein was raisedhow it was raised and what they can expect from the product as a result.

Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health understands consumers’ preference for the highest quality sources of protein and works hand-in-hand with producers to raise protein products that give consumers what they want.


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Dig Deeper:

Producer Stories of Nutrition Fueling Performance

Performance means many different things for animal producers. These stories are just a few examples of the countless ways producers have maximized performance for the benefit of their animals and their farm.

The Farm of the Future Demands Digital

Today's leading farms depend on digital insights to feed the world


Young animal nutrition: more than a feed formula

Cargill’s innovative feeds, ingredients, and comprehensive customer support are helping swine producers around the world optimize their animals’ health and productivity.  


A Sustainable New Ingredient for Feed

Introducing insect protein as an alternative, sustainable ingredient in animal feed


Increasing the levels of nitric oxide in a sow’s bloodstream helps improves piglet livability

Improving the livability of piglets starts with the health of the sow.


Commitment to Results Boosts Pig Performance and Quality on Brazil Farm

Through nutrition and technology, Agropecuaria Carboni improved quality of breeding stock and achieved maximum performance for finished pigs.

[Asia Pacific]/[]

Utilizing Integrated Solutions to Decrease Nursery Pig Diarrhea Rates

When Hangzhou Huarui Feed Co implemented changes to their nutrition plan and production practices, diarrhea rates dropped from 20% to 5% across their seven farms.

[Asia Pacific]/[]

Bringing next-generation flock-management capabilities to poultry producers with new, artificial intelligence (AI) driven service.

Leveraging more than a decade of research on the gut microbiome, Galleon accesses Cargill’s extensive research data to guide flock-management decisions.


How A Farmer In South Korea Is Decreasing Pig Mortality Rates

Sansoogol, the largest farmer in South Korea, saw higher growth rate and livability of post-weaning pigs after focusing its feed strategy on young animal nutrition.

[Asia Pacific]/[]

Optimizing Shrimp Growth and Health through Post Larva Nutrition

In 2020, BIOGEMAR approached Cargill to build a liquid feed nutrition strategy for its early-stage shrimp. As a result, they saw 20% higher larva survival rate and improved water quality with a reduction in toxic ammonium levels.

[Asia Pacific]/[]

Improving Resident Water Quality While Maintaining Tilapia Productivity

Chonpapat Farm, one of the largest tilapia farms in Thailand’s Northeastern region, needed support to bolster productivity and production after installing a PE-lined pond to comply with the new policy. Chonpapat Farm turned to Cargill as a trusted partner to deploy AquaPond feed.

[Asia Pacific]/[]

Hobby Farmer Has Success With Phytogenic Feed Additives For Red Deer

A farmer looks past the status quo for the best feed solution. His animals benefit and the world takes notice.


Passion for High-Quality Protein

When animal health comes first, performance follows, and a producer satisfies a niche market


From Quality Feed to World-Class Cheese

The best food starts with the best feed.


Farmers Fight African Swine Fever – Aided By Cargill & Others

To support customers like Mr. Yu and the industry more broadly, Cargill’s team in China has partnered with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), the China Rural Distance Education Network and the Smart Agriculture App by MARA. Their goal: to promote a “360-degree comprehensive solution” for ASF control and prevention.


The Modern Day Farmer

Today's farmer must balance sustainability, technology and performance, while also meeting consumer demands to be successful – and that's no easy task


Cargill launches micro NIR technology to revolutionize salmon quality sampling

With the EWOS SalmoNIR technology, salmon farmers now have immediate availability of data to inform their farm management in real time.


How Feed Can Positively Impact Gill Health

Specially designed feed can reduce inflammation and help with tissue repair, enabling the maintenance of gill function. 


Using nutrition to set young pigs up for success

Nothing so significantly impacts the health, growth and performance as the nutrition provided to animals during the early stages of their lives.



At Ponte Alta Dairy Farm, Success And Animal Welfare Go Hand-In-Hand

As Giovani Godihno’s dairy farm grew, so did his desire for the best feeding practices, cattle management and infrastructure for his farm.


Data-Driven Insights Improve Animal Well-being

Data drives nutritional insights to ensure the well-being of a dairy herd


Trusted Advisors, True Partners

Producers need trusted advisors – someone who can assess the needs of animals and advise within the context of the operation. 


Can protein help fight hunger and poverty?

What’s the answer to this challenge? For some, it may be chickens and eggs.


Converting Insights Into Action: New Dairy Forecast Solution Launched On Dairy Enteligen

Cargill launches Dairy Forecast, the first solution that combines all the data into one dashboard.

[]/[Portugal, United States (USA), Vietnam]