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Animal Nutrition Innovation

Your insights and our expertise: a powerful combination for creating breakthrough solutions.

A world of knowledge

How do we help you succeed? It starts with knowing the animal. Knowing how different nutrients interact with digestion and gut health. Knowing how environmental factors impact feed conversion efficiency. Knowing which blends of ingredients deliver the most cost-effective results.


Modeling performance

With more than 500 research professionals working in 17 state-of-the-art innovation and application centers around the globe, we pride ourselves on having the deepest knowledge across livestock, poultry and aquaculture. When our team arrives at your door, they’re equipped with unrivaled biological modeling tools to tailor solutions that will help your animals or your customer’s animals perform better.

Our Cargill Nutrition System consisting of more than 2 million nutrient samples and the world's largest Near-Infra-Red Reflectance (NIR) feed database is the foundation for much of what we do. Explore our innovation capabilities below.


Explore our capabilities

Nutrition & Digestive Health

Our unparalleled knowledge across species helps your animals perform better.

Young Animal Nutrition

We help you deliver the early nutrition your animals need for higher performance their entire lives.

Cargill Nutrition System

Our teams are developing a next generation of digital solutions to help you get the complete picture of your operation, constantly adjust to changing real-world factors and help you improve your profitability.

Digital Nutrition

We use biological modeling with real-time analysis of nutrient content to get the most out of your feed to help you strengthen your business.

Scientific Capabilities

Our analytical and research expertise give you everything you need to know.

Animal nutrition innovation centers

animal feed and nutrition technology innovation center cargill