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More and more, consumers are becoming proactive about their health and supplements play a key role in this shifting mindset. From clinically researched benefits to developing great tasting alternative delivery forms, our supplement ingredients can help you create innovative health products that stand out.

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EpiCor Postbiotic Supplement Ingredient

EpiCor® Postbiotic Supplement Ingredient

Immune Support l Gut Support l Microbiome Support

EpiCor® postbiotic is a whole food fermentate clinically shown to support immune and gut health. It’s made through a specialized fermentation process that creates a unique fingerprint of metabolites including proteins, peptides, antioxidants, polyphenols, organic acids, nucleotides, polysaccharides (1-3 1-6, beta glucans) and mannans. When taken daily, EpiCor® postbiotic acts like a multivitamin for the immune system.®

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Supporting Ingredients: Formulating innovative supplements in a variety of delivery forms 

CoroWise Plant Sterols for Heart Health

CoroWise® Plant Sterols

Cargill manufactures and markets a line of plant sterols under the brand name CoroWise®.  Clinically shown to lower cholesterol, plant sterols are backed by an FDA health claim and are recommended by the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health.

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Stabilizer Blends and Systems

Custom Texturizing Systems by Application

Cargill offers custom texturizing systems for a broad range of application categories from dairy, bakery and fruit prep to beverages, confectionery and convenience foods.

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EverSweet Sweetener Promo

EverSweet® Stevia Sweetener

Next-generation stevia sweetener delivers the same sweetness is found in the stevia leaf, while producing it more sustainably via fermentation.

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Plant-based Lecithin


Lecithin is a multi-purpose food ingredient that primarily functions as an emulsifier and dispersing agent. Lecithin is also a surfactant.

Prosante is a Sustainable Vegetable Protein

Prosante® Textured Soy Flour

Prosante® textured soy flour provides manufactures with the most sustainable vegetable protein available on the market today. 

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Pea Protein

PURIS™ Pea Protein

Protein-packed. Non-GMO Project Verified.* USDA Certified Organic. When it comes to label-friendly formulation, PURIS™ pea protein checks all the boxes.

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Truvia Sweetener

Truvia® Stevia Leaf Extract

A versatile, natural, zero-calorie sweetener with a clean, sweet, sugar-like taste – and consistent quality from lot to lot.

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ViaTech Sweetener

ViaTech® Stevia Leaf Extract

Our proprietary taste-prediction model can optimize steviol glycosides – the best-tasting parts of the leaf – for sugar reductions of 50%+.

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Zerose Erythritol

Zerose® Erythritol Sweetener

A natural*, zero-calorie bulk sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar, complements high-intensity sweeteners and supports oral health.

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