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ViaTech Stevia Sweetener

ViaTech® Stevia Sweeteners

Achieve up to 50% sugar reduction in your applications.

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ViaTech® stevia sweeteners are high performance ingredients that help food and beverage manufacturers achieve optimal taste and sweetness at higher usage levels. With ViaTech® ingredients, achieving sugar reduction of 50% or more in challenging applications, like carbonated soft drinks, with great taste is now possible. With a sensible cost-in-use and supply, creating reduced and zero-calorie stevia-based sweetened products consumers will love has never been easier.

ViaTech logoPrecision sweetness

Cargill’s new ViaTech® portfolio of ingredients has a true sweet taste and a clean finish.  At last, precision sweetness for low-to-zero calorie products.

ViaTech Precision Sweetness Video

ViaTech Video preview

Watch an introduction on how ViaTech® stevia sweeteners can achieve sugar reduction of 50% or more in challenging applications, like carbonated soft drinks, where great taste is now possible.

ViaTech Benefits Video

Benefits of ViaTech

Melanie Goulson, Sweetness Application Leader at Cargill, explains how ViaTech® stevia sweeteners enable sugar reduction of 60 percent or more in challenging applications while achieving optimal sweetness and a reduction of aftertastes.

Stevia-based Sweetener Opportunities

Stevia-based Sweetener Opportunities Infographic

Expand your use of stevia-based sweeteners and capture market growth.  Sweeteners made from the stevia plant are becoming the high-intensity sweeteners of choice.

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ViaTech® Delivers Sweetness

ViaTech Brochurer

This interactive PDF highlights our new ViaTech® portfolio of high-performance stevia sweeteners that delivers optimal sweetness from the stevia leaf, for reduced- to zero-calorie products.


Steviol Glycoside Insight

Steviol Glycoside Insight

ViaTech® stevia sweeteners deliver optimal taste and sweetness in challenging applications. 

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FDA defines reduction as 25% or greater.

Some Cargill products are only approved for use in certain geographies, end uses, and/or at certain usage levels. It is the customer's responsibility to determine, for a particular geography, that (i) the Cargill product, its use and usage levels, (ii) the customer's product and its use, and (iii) any claims made about the customer's product, all comply with applicable laws and regulations.