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EverSweet Sweetener

EverSweet® Stevia Sweetener

EverSweet® next-generation stevia sweetener. Calorie-free sweetness, inspired by nature.

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Avansya Logo The future is here and it’s sweeter than ever! Cargill’s EverSweet® stevia sweetener has great taste with up to 100% sugar replacement. It has the same sweetness that is found in the stevia leaf, to delight your taste buds with calorie-free joy.

Our secret? The age-old technique of fermentation - with a modern twist. Using a specially crafted yeast, our EverSweet® stevia sweetener delivers the best of the same sweetness in the stevia leaf.

At a time when more consumers are watching their calorie intake and striving to live a healthier lifestyle, EverSweet® stevia sweetener offers a new, delicious choice for reduced and zero calorie food and beverages. And when targeting higher sugar reduction levels, our enhanced product, EverSweet® stevia sweetener + ClearFlo™ natural flavor, reduces off-notes while enhancing stevia's sweetness performance and solubility.

*Avansya is a joint venture of DSM and Cargill.

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EverSweet® Stevia Sweetener

Cargill Ingredient Stories presents EverSweet® Stevia Sweetener. (00:45)

A Delicious Sweetener Choice

EverSweet® stevia sweetener offers a delicious choice for reduced and zero calorie food and beverages.

Stevia in Beverages

Leanne Wortman, Cargill Senior Food Scientist, shares some tips for working with stevia sweetener in beverages.

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Learn more about EverSweet® stevia sweetener's applications, unique taste, FAQs, etc.

EverSweet® study: Measurable advantages for the environment

EverSweet® next-generation stevia sweetener produces Reb M & D more sustainably via fermentation. A second Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) demonstrates continued sustainability leadership.

Sweet Success Raising the bar on stevia sustainability

Dive into a Q&A with two Cargill stevia sustainability leaders as they examine the company's sustainability initiatives, including industry recognition and the exciting results of a new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on EverSweet® stevia sweetener.

Food Technology Transformation | Sugar Reduction - Bulk Supplier in North America

With details about food’s processing, sourcing and sustainability at consumers’ fingertips, opportunity is ripe for brands that push the technological envelope.

EverSweet Stevia Sweetener | Bulk Ingredient Supplier | Cargill

Discover how familiar ingredients and a time-tested process come together to create reduced-sugar sweetness with real appeal and sustainable credentials.

Cargill Stevia Program Receives FSA Silver Benchmark

Cargill's agricultural stevia program has been benchmarked at Silver level by SAI Platform Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) 3.0, becoming the first stevia producer in the industry to evaluate our entire grower network and achieve this distinction.

EverSweet Sweetener Product Guide

EverSweet® next-generation stevia sweetener brings to life the sweetest components of the stevia leaf  to delight taste buds with calorie-free joy.

Unlocking Optimal Stevia Sweetness

Cargill uses fermentation to create zero-calorie sweetness.


Virtual Stevia Harvest

Virtual Stevia Harvest | Enter the Experience | Cargill

Visit our Virtual Stevia Harvest Experience today and see first-hand how we take stevia from seedling to sweetener.

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